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The typical young customer's question. The cheapest will never be good.

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What is a good guitar to start out with?

a good guitar to start out with would either be A Montana Acoustic or an Acoustic Fender.

Is the seagull acoustic guitar a good guitar?

yes. it is fairly good.

Who are good acoustic guitar players?

It is somewhat subjective to ask for good acoustic guitar players. Many consider Jon Gomm to be a good player.

What is a good and cheap acoustic guitar?

I find that a good cheap acoustic guitar is the Westfield brand. If you want it cheap for about £50 or less then go to

What's a good acoustic guitar for a beginner?

The Maestro by Gibson is a great acoustic for a beginner.

What kind of guitar does Miranda Lambert play?

Miranda Lambert plays an acoustic guitar which is an epiphone acoustic, black, good condition.

How often do I need to replace the strings on an acoustic guitar?

A good rule of thumb is to change acoustic guitar strings every other month.

What are some good names for guitar?

for acoustic guitars I named my acoustic guitar laylamistywondervioletstarfor electric guitarssunshockroxiefreebird50 Cent is a good guitar name

Would it be a good idea to make an acoustic guitar an electric by adding pickups?

I would just say let the acoustic guitar be, and buy a hollow-body electric guitar.

Is the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar a good guitar for a beginner?

The Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is a good guitar for a beginner. It is priced at an affordable amount and is comfortable to hold while learning. The frets are easy to navigate as well.

What is a good song for a piano and acoustic guitar duet?

clocks by coldplay, i think its supposed to have electric guitar but my brother and i play it as a duet with him on the piano and myself singing and playing acoustic guitar.

What is the difference between an electric and acoustic guitar?

An electric guitar only plays good with an amp.

What is a Fender T-Bucket Acoustic Guitar?

An acoustic guitar, fender also has the acoustic electric t bucket. It looks really nice for a nice price. The reviews are good too. You should get it!

Which guitar is good electro acoustic guitar or acoustic guitar?

Martin are probably the best acoustic brand of guitar, although, they do cost between $4,500-$10,000. If you are just starting out, or have been playing for a year or so, I would recommend a Yamaha. They aren't the best, but they are good guitars for their price. I agree and would also recommend a Takamine or even a Fender.

Which is good -acoustic or semi acoustic?

An acoustic guitar produces sound via the "sound hole" cut out in the wood under the strings on the main part of the guitar. This is a nice acoustic sound. For a fuller, higher volume and amplitude sound, with the same acoustic-type sound one would would a semi-acoustic. This is an acoustic guitar that has the same kind of volume boost built in, as one would find on an electric guitar. It is important to note that the sound made with a semi-acoustic is still quite different from an electric guitar, even though one would need an amp to play the semi-acoustic.

What are good acoustic guitars?

I think Yamaha FG730S guitar is the best for nowadays.

What is a really good semi acoustic guitar?

Check out Seagull . Made in Canada.

Is hsinghai a good brand?

yeah i have an Hsing Hai acoustic guitar and it sounds awesome.

Do you have to learn guitar before you learn electric guitar?

umm well if u question is ''do you have to learn acoustic guitar before electric then NO it is all the same its just a differt kind if you no what i mean its good to no somthing about playing guitar before you rush in and buy one : ) It is good to have acoustic guitar lessons before you move on to electric guitar. The reason is that the electric guitar sound is amplified, and you do want to be playing the wrong stuff on a electric guitar.

Is it possible to convert classic guitar to acoustic guitar?

Not a good idea. The classical guitar is made for nylon strings that put less tension on the bridge than the steel strings used for standard acoustic guitars. It would most likely pull the bridge off the guitar.

What kind a of acoustic guitar is good for beginners?

I'd go for a flamenco / spanish guitar, as nylon strings are easier on the fingers than steel of the standard acoustic or electric. Plus I think it sounds nicer.

What kinds of woods acoustic guitars made of?

it depends if you are talking about a good guitar or a bad guitar or if your talking about a guitar body or the head maybe the neck to not sure

What is a good instrument to learn?

i think guitar is the best..., because if you play the guitar you can choose a type of song .... like, acoustic or rock..

How can you make an electric guitar amp sound like an acoustic amp?

the cheapest way I've done it is with a Line 6 Pod XT has this setting called variax which makes electric guitars , it's not 100% as it's digitally modeling (Resembling) an acoustic sound but it does a pretty good job. acoustic preamps and piezo pickups do help too but it can get very expensive

What is a good acoustic guitar for a child?

The best brands of guitars is the Gibson guitars or gb&a guitars.