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CaF2. Calcium forms divalent cations and fluorine forms monovalent anions.

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the correct formula for ionic compound between calcium and chlorine is CaCl2

The correct name for the compound CaCl2 6H2O is Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate.

Yes. The formula Ca3N2 is the correct formula for the ionic compound calcium nitride.

CuCI is made out of calcium and chlorine . The compound is called calcium chlorine.

The compound is Calcium Oxide and is commonly known as Quick Lime.

The calcium salt should be Ca(ClO2)2, Calcium chlorite.

Ca + F2 -----> CaF2 It is the correct equation because calcium has a valency of 2 and fluorine has a valency of 1, so two atoms of fluorine are required to bond with on atom of calcium.

CaO is the chemical formula of calcium oxide.

Pure fluorine usually exists as a diatomic compound, formula F2.

It is calcium chloride .But it exists as CaCl2.2H2O in its hydrated state.

In compounds consisting of a metal and nonmetal, the metal (calcium) is written first and the nonmetal (sulfur) has the end replaced with -ide. So the correct name for a compound of calcium and sulfur is calcium sulfide.

The electron configuration of fluorine is [He]2s2.2p5.

Calcium oxide is; CaO. Results from Ca(2+) and O(2-)

Yes, NaCl is an ionic compound between Sodium and Chlorine.

The systematic name of this compound is Magnesium Phosphate.

This affirmation is not correct.

That is the correct spelling of the element "calcium" (notably in bones and seashells).

The correct name for the compound CoCl3 is cobalt III chloride.

The correct name for the compound with the formula MgBr2.5 H2O is "magnesium bromide pentahydrate".

Anyhydrous calcium carbonate is the correct term or u can say crystalized calcium carbonate

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