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"I am an MBA student" is correct.

Use the indefinite article "a" before words in which the first SOUND is a consonant, a sounded h (e.g. a history exam) or a long u (e.g. a united front).

Use "an" before words in which the first SOUND is a vowel (e.g. an MBA student) except long u, and before words beginning with a silent h (e.g. an hourly rate).

When you read or write MBA..., it is more formal. Typically in writing, you say the full meaning of the acronym. In writing it should be "a Masters in Business Administration". When you come across acronyms or abbreviations in writing, you should read it full out. If you read "Feb. 25," You would read it as "February twenty-fifth". The same is true for "a Masters in Business Administration". Reading and writing is more formal than speaking. Speaking you can use the acronym MBA, but when you do, you should use "an", because it is vowel like..."em bee ay". In reading and writing you need to use "a"because you will be reading it full out.

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You would correctly say "an MBA," because MBA stands for Master's of Business Administration.

The reason you would use "an" instead of "a" is that the rule is: if a word begins with a vowel (or in this case a vowel sound---em), use "an" instead of "a" before it. In this case, the spoken phrase would be "an Em-Bee-A," rather than the awkward "uh Em-Bee-A.

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Q: Which is the correct grammar to use in this sentence - an MBA or a MBA?
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