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fastest is the chetah and slowest is snail

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Q: Which is the fastest and the slowest land animal?
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What are the fastest and slowest land animals?

The fastest land animal is cheetah and the slowest is the twenty toed snail.

What is the fastest and the slowest animal in the world?

fastest peregrine falcon, slowest three toed sloth.The fastest moving animal in the world is the peregrine falcon which can reach speeds of almost 200 mph at a dive!Cheetah is the fastest, and sloth is the slowest.

Which is the fastest running animal in all?

Cheetah is the fastest of the all. Snail is the slowest.

What is the slowest land animal on Earth and what speed does it move?

The slowest animal may be the turtle.

What is the slowest animal on the planet What is the fastest animal on the planet?

The slowest animal is the sloth. Their top speed is 0.003 miles per hour. The fastest animal is the cheetah or the peregrine falcon (there is an ongoing debate about which one is faster). Cheetahs' top speed is 75 mph. Peregrine falcons' top speed is 60-100 mph. On land, the cheetah is the fastest. In the air, the peregrine falcon is the fastest. Hope that helped =)

What is the slowest land animal?


What is the slowest animal on water land and sky?

The slowest animal on water and on land would have to be a competition between the snail and the turtle .

Is the jaguar the fastest land animal?

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal.

Is the cheetah fastest land animal?

no the ostrich is the fastest land animal

Which animal is considered the fastest land animal?

the cheetah is the fastest land animal

What is slowest moving land animal?


Is the puma the fastest animal on land?

No, the fastest animal on land is th cheetah.

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