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Which is the group name on the insurance card?

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Most insurance cards do not have a group name on them, but they do have a group number. The group number is a number given to employer to identify the employee health insurance policy.

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Where on my insurance card can the provider name and number be found?

Where is the provider name and number found on my insurance card

What is the name of the owner of Standard Insurance?

The Standard Insurance Company is owned by StanCorp Financial Group.

Where can one apply for Concord Group insurance?

You can apply for Concord Group insurance from the following sources: Bupa, Concord Group Insurance, Better Business Bureau, Connect Data, Holden Agency, to name a few.

Who are the top 25 auto insurance companies?

1State Farm Group$50,808,6352Allstate Insurance Group$24,796,2563Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos.$21,483,9964Berkshire Hathaway Insurance (includes Geico)$21,3583165Travelers Group$20,594,4586American International Group$19,687,7207Nationwide Group$14,489,5318Progressive Insurance Group$14,476,6769Farmers Insurance Group$14,129,51210USAA Group$10,679,41411Hartford Insurance Group$9,688,76012Chubb Group of Insurance Cos.$8,927,73613CNA Insurance Cos.$6,188,61814American Familiy Insurance Group$5,324, 29015Aliianz of America$4,666,30116Auto-Owners Insurance Group$4,485,44217Munich-American Holding Corp.$4,413,83418Zurich Finanical Services NA Group$4,400,12319Erie Insurance Group$4,019,27320Ace INA Group$3,705,47521Transatlantic Holdings Inc. Group$3,408,02022W.R. Berkley Group$3,392,33023The Hanover Insurance Group Property & Casualty Cos.$3,053,50824MetLife Auto and Home Group$2,983,23625Cincinnati Insurance Cos.$2,965,462

What types of insurance does Mercury Insurance Group offer?

The answer to the question what type of insurance Mercury Insurance Group offers is, Mercury Insurance group offers Vehicle, Homeowners and Health insurance.

Nam something a tourist might be wearing around their neck?

Sunglasses, a name card (if on a group tour), passport holder. Sunglasses, a name card (if on a group tour), passport holder.

What kind of information is required when going to renew a European health insurance card?

The information that is required for each person renewing a European health insurance card is: their full name, their date of birth and their National Insurance (NHS) number.

How do you know which car company you are insurance with?

Seriously, you do not know who you pay your insurance premium to. How about you just look at your proof of insurance card, that you are required to keep in your vehicle at all times, and see what companies name is on that card. Or look at your bank statement and see who you payed for car insurance.

Where can someone find out how to get vacant property insurance?

Vacant property insurance can be obtained from most insurance agencies. Farmers Insurance, Foremost Insurance Group and website MoneySupermarket are just to name a few!

What is the mail address to send claims for Group Health?

Normally, the Human Resources Department or Benefits Department at your job will have all the contact information you need. If you have an insurance card from your group heath insurance company, the claims address is usually found on the back of the card, along with a toll free phone number to call.

How do you obtain a copy of insurance id card?

usually you just go to your insurance companies website and print a proof of insurance card

If your name is on the insurance card are you responsible for the bill too?

Yes. If your name is on anything you are jointly responsible for a bill and vice versa.

Where can one find a business insurance group in Edmonton?

There are a number business insurance groups available in the Edmonton area. Some of the insurance companies that can be considered are Access Insurance Group, The Economical Insurance Group and The Dominion.

Need insurance card?

Call an insurance agency.

What in insurance group 12?

Hi what is the insurance group for a Peugeot 207 Sw

When was Equity Insurance Group created?

Equity Insurance Group was created in 1946.

When was Merchants Insurance Group created?

Merchants Insurance Group was created in 1918.

When was Insurance Australia Group created?

Insurance Australia Group was created in 2000.

What is the population of Insurance Australia Group?

The population of Insurance Australia Group is 12,700.

When was Columbia Insurance Group created?

Columbia Insurance Group was created in 1874.

What is the population of ERGO Insurance Group?

The population of ERGO Insurance Group is 53,217.

When was ERGO Insurance Group created?

ERGO Insurance Group was created in 1997.

When was Farmers Insurance Group created?

Farmers Insurance Group was created in 1928.

When was Mercury Insurance Group created?

Mercury Insurance Group was created in 1961.

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