Which is the kerala's largest city?

even if the most noted sites have shown that trivandrum is the biggest city in kerala,the reality is that it is utter falls and a planned lie.if we check the reliable facts and discuss with those who studied we can realise that kochi is the biggest and widely spreaded city in kerala .reasons:the size of the city is concidered not only counnting mare the population of a muncipal corporation bcause the size of the corporation can be desided by state government as their political advantages.for eg.in last local self bodies election time ,when the size of corporations were enlarged ,the highly urbanised adjasent places of cochin corporation were not attached to the existing corporation.the highly urbanised area that could not be attached to the corporation is around tripple of size[300sqkm] of the existing corporation.most of them upgraded as muncipalities.the reasons for not to attach the highly urbanised area is to be sereoyusly analysed.at the same time five gramapanchayath adjacent to trivandrum corporation have been attached to the old corporation.you can see clear fact that the five panchayath attached to the trivandrum corporation arequite villages.the above mentioned areas are not havng any features of an urbanised area.as the expansion critereas taken in the trivandrum corporation we can expnd the cochin corporation in to ernakulam district wholly and three fourth of the adjacent areas of allapuzha,thrissur and kottayam districts to Cochin city. by the falure of proper expansion of cochin corporation it has to face many difficulties at the time of getting of funds for urban developing from central govt.many of us know that many areas even adjasent to trivandrum central areas are quite villages so trivandrum itself is not a corporation in right sense.we can see that even thrissur and calicut have leading features of a city when we comparing to the state of trivandrum city if the governmental offices in large number are apparted from there.