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hard disk

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Q: Which is the most common storage devices of present day micro computer?
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What are five common storage devices?

harddisc pendrive

What are the most common storage devices used today?

Hard Drive

What does input storage processing and output devices have in common?

they are types of hardware

The most common way to input data into the computer is through what?

An input device. In fact it is the ONLY way to input data into a computer. However, the most common input device is the computer's hard-drives or mass-storage devices (which are also output devices), followed by the mouse and keyboard.

What are 6 common storage devices?

There are many storage devices that are used in everyday computing. If you mean storage devices as for what you can use to store data and save then I believe the following are very common: * Hard drive * DVD * CD * USB Thumb Drive * Compact Flash Drive (the small flash drives you put in camera's) * Network Storage Server (If you save files online this is what is used) RAM is another storage device but it is only used by the operating system on your computer. So you really have no ability to save information on them.

What is the most common type of computer storage?

The most common type of computer file storage is Hard Disk , it is in built with computer . External Storage is Like CD , DVD , Pen Drive , Floppy Drive .

What are primary storage and secondary storage in common?

both are the storage devices both store the data in binary form both are the costlier

What are the most common drives on a computer?

The most common "drives", or storage devices, on a computer are hard drives and optical (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) drives. Floppies were originally quite common, but have not been included on any new computers. USB-attached drives are common, but arguably not used on a single computer very often.

What are three common secondary storage devices?

hard disk, pendrives, cd/dvdrom

What is the mot common computer storage method?

cd rom

What are three things all computers have in common?

Input devicesCPUMemory/storageOUtput devices

Why are secondary storage devices needed?

since a computer's memory is largely temporary in nature , secondary memory is used for bulk storage of program and data . The two most common secondary storge deives ___ the floppy disk and the hard disk.

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