Which is the most dangerous bird in the world?

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November 18, 2009 10:05PM

Well, I'd have to go with Cassowaries, but I'm giving you a few others as well.

Keep in mind that most birds are dangerous to some extent if you go near their nests.

Cassowaries, an endangered species, are large, flightless birds that live in the rainforests, woodlands and swamps of Australia. Cassowaries are unpredictable, aggressive and are known to kick up their large, clawed feet. Their kicks are capable of breaking bones, and their claws have been likened to daggers. Ostriches are suspicious, skittish and can be dangerous. They're the largest living bird (they can reach over 9 feet tall and 350 pounds) and they can outrun you (a steady 30 miles an hour for 10 miles straight). Like the cassowary, they have strong legs (their kick can kill a hyena) and sharp claws. The rhea, native to South America, is a large, flightless bird that can grow to be 60-80 pounds. Though smaller than ostriches and not as aggressive as cassowaries, rheas have heavily muscled legs, hard spurs on their feet and their kicks can bring a force of 800 pounds per square inch.

Birds that are particularly defensive of nesting areas and young include Canada geese, seagulls, swans, mocking birds, and most eagles, hawks, and falcon. Eagles, hawks and falcons are also dangerous in closed spaces, as are vultures, owls, and, for that matter, most wild animals.