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The kingdom is Protista, which includes simple eukaryotic organisms.

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What is the most diverse of the six kingdoms of living organisms?


Which is the most diverse of the six kingoms of living organisms plantae or animalia or protista or archaebacteria?

The most diverse kingdom is likely Animalia.

What are the kingdoms of organisms from simplest to most complex?

Using the US (six kingdom) model, the order would be Bacteria Archaea Protista Fungi Plantae Animalia *(protists are arguably a diverse and polyphyletic group, which will likely be phased out in any new hierarchy of living things)

What kingdom of the 5 kingdoms has the most organisms on earth?


In which division would the organisms be the most similar?

in the kingdoms

Are there more kingdoms phylums or classes of organisms?

There are more classes of organisms, since it is the most specific of the three.

What is the single most abundant compound in living organisms?

Water is the most abundant compound in living organisms.

What biome has the most diverse communities of organisms?

Rain Forest (: (Novanet)

What is the difference between living cells that are organisms and living cells are not organisms?

Single celled organisms are examples of living cells that are organisms. Most other living cells are parts of living organisms, but could not survive long on their own.

Which two characteristics are the most important for classifying organisms into kingdoms?

Structures and Features

Which ecosystem is the most resistant to permanent change?

Diverse organisms in a large region.

Can all organic compounds be found in living organisms?

No. Most hydrocarbons are not found in living organisms.

What kingdom contain organisms that are multicellular?

I think that all kingdoms DO have multicellular organisms, but most of the bacteria are unicellular. i hope this helps

What is the most important compound in living organisms?

Carbohydrates are the most important organic compounds in living organisms. Almost all organisms use carbohydrates as a source of energy.

What is the most successful and diverse group of terrestrial vertebrates?

Of all the terrestrial vertebrates, birds are the most diverse and successful. There are about 10,000 known living, or extant, bird species.

Is chicken is bird or animal?

It is a bird and all birds are considered animals. Living things fit into several kingdoms. The most familiar to people are the plant and animal kingdoms. The other kingdoms are Monera, Protista, and Fungi. Viruses are not considered a "living" thing.

What is the common thing in all living organisms?

They are all living is the most common.

Function of oxygen in living organisms?

what is the function of oxygen in most living organism

Do precambrian have any plants or organisms living?

Yes but most were single cell organisms

The most abundant thing in living organisms is?


Most medicines come from what living organisms?


What is the most important characteristic of living organisms?


What are the most common catalysts in living organisms?


What is the most important element to living organisms?


What gas do all living things need?

Most living organisms need oxygen, but a few anaerobic organisms don't need it .

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