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Which is the northernmost of the great rivers of the south America?


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The Orinoco River


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there are 88 rivers in south america

The northernmost city in south America would be Colombia.

Canada is the northernmost country on the continent of North America. Three of Canada's major rivers are the Sagueney River of Quebec, the North Saskatchewan River, and the South Saskatchewan River.

Negro,Orinoco,Essequibo,Quarantine etc are great rivers of Northern South america.

The Amazon and the Orinocco are the two longest rivers in south america.

amezon is largest river in south America and second in world. --- No other than the great Amazon.Nile is the largest in world.

The three largest rivers in South America are the Amazon, the Parana, and the Negro.

The Amazon river and the Rio Parana are the two longest rivers in South America.

There are twelve rivers in South America. These rivers are: The Amazon, Orinoco, Madeira, Xingu, Parana, Tocantins, and the Negro, to name a few.

Yes, it is in the northwest corner of the continent, where it connects to Panama in Central America.

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The rivers of South America.

There are two great rivers in China, not three. These rivers are the Yangtze River of the South and the Yellow River of the north.

Because they use the rivers for trading and they use it for a source of energy...

there are many major rivers in North America, eg: the Mississippi. Missouri and the Colorado in the USA, the St;Lawrence, Mackenzie, in Canada and the Amazon in Brazil in South America.

There are three Colorado Rivers in North America and South America.

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an anaconda lives in rivers and South America

Rivers and swamps of Central and South America.

Yes! The Amazon River is the greatest by far, but there are many other rivers throughout South America.

The danbe,rhine,don,albe and loire are some major riveres in South America.

A major river in South America is the Amazon. It is one of the most famous rivers in the world.

Simon Bolivarwas considered the great liberator of South America

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