Which is the only district in India that share its boundary with four states?

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What is the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes?

The only state that touches four of the five great lakes is Michigan. Michigan has shoreline on Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie, but not on Lake Ontario. New York has shoreline on Lakes Ontario and Erie. Pennsylvania and Ohio have shoreline on Lake Erie. Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin h ( Full Answer )

What US states have only four letters in their names?

Of total letters, there are three states with four letters: Iowa Ohio Utah However, there are seven states with only four different letters in the name: Hawaii (H, A, W, I) Alaska (A, L, S, K) Kansas (K, A, N, S) Mississippi (M, I, S, P) Alabama (A, L, B, M) Tennessee (T, E, N ( Full Answer )

How Congressional district boundaries are drawn?

They are drawn after the results of the Census. The Census reports information about the population of the U.S. The U.S, has a set number of Districs, however states can gain Districts by increasing their population, another state will lose their District in order to give to the other one which incr ( Full Answer )

Which states has only four letters?

There are only three states with a four letter name: Iowa, Ohio and Utah. The US territory of Guam is also spelt with four letters, although, it is not a state.

Which states of India share their high courts?

total we have 21 high courts for 28 states . 2 states have 1 hiogh court i.e punjab , haryana (high court in chandigarh) 5 states have another high court

If a state has four congressional districts sends four members to the house of representativeshow many electors does it have representing if at the electoral college?

If a state has four members in the house of representatives, that state will have a total of 6 representatives at the electoral college . The state has one for each representative and one for each senator. Every state has 2 senators, so the state will have 4 for the representatives and 2 for the se ( Full Answer )

What original four states and district challenged the US Supreme Court for racial segregation and why?

Brown v. Board of Education, 347 US 483 (1954) Brown was a consolidation of four cases from Kansas , South Carolina , Virginia and Delaware heard the same day as a fifth, companion case ( Bolling v. Sharpe ), that had to be considered separately because it originated in the District of ( Full Answer )

How are congressional district boundaries determined?

The number of congressional districts for each state is determined based on the population recorded by the official census made every 10 years. Since the total number of districts remains fixed at 435, the number of districts a state has is increased or decreased according to relative changes in pop ( Full Answer )

How does gerrymandering affects congressional district boundaries?

The people in elected office determine the shape of electoral boundaries. This means that they intentional draw electoral boundaries so enough voters who lean towards one particular party are included in an area thus ensuring continual electoral victories. For example: if those drawing electoral bou ( Full Answer )

What are the only four states that share a common boundary?

Texas Arizona California & New Mexico as they share the Mexican boundary in common however they also share it in common with half a dozen Mexican states so it should be noted that the question & answer are defective in this regard moreover the question probably does not intend this answer ( Full Answer )

What are the four characteristics that all states share?

All states share four important characteristices. These characteristics are population, territory, sovereignty, and government. Although all of these things would be different within the state, all states have these characteristics.