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Congressional district boundaries are drawn by?

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State legislatures in each state are responsible for drawing congressional district boundaries. There are 435 congressional districts in the United States.

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Who are Congressional district boundaries drawn by?


What type of district is a congressional district whose boundaries are drawn so as to maximize the voting power of minority groups?

Majority-Minority Districts

What are the boundaries of Tennessee's congressional district?

the Mississippi river

Who is responsible for drawing congressional district boundaries?

The state legislators redraw congressional districts.

Explain how gerrymandering affects congressional district boundaries?

Gerrymandering tries to create districts that have a partisan advantage. By doing this, the practice of it affects congressional district boundaries by attempting to stretch them.

How does gerrymandering affect congressional district boundaries?

Gerrymandering is what congress does when deciding district boundaries. When coming up with drawings for boundaries, what they do is try to manipulate the boundaries for a political gain in their favor.

How you might describe a congressional district that has been drawn by a legislature in a very odd shape-?

An congressional district that has been drawn by legislature in a very odd shape can be described as gerrymandered. There are 435 congressional districts in the United States.

What is the zip code for congressional district for Texas?

Each Congressional district contains dozens of zip codes, as Congressional districts hold approximately 650,000 people, while ZIP codes cover 50,000 or so (just an estimate). In addition, the boundaries are unrelated, so ZIP codes regularly stride Congressional district boundaries.

Who draws Congressional district boundaries?

i believe state legislators from both parties

What is Redrawing congressional district boundaries to favor a particular group or party is known as?


How would you describe a congressional district that has been drawn in a very odd shape by the legislature?


Why do congressional district boundaries change in Tennessee?

Because the population in an area can change from people moving or dying.

Who are New York's 29 Representatives to the US House of Representatives?

There are 29 Representatives from New York in the US House of Representatives, as of January 2011.Bishop, Timothy, 1st Congressional DistrictIsrael, Steve, 2nd Congressional DistrictKing, Pete, 3rd Congressional DistrictMcCarthy, Carolyn, 4th Congressional DistrictAckerman, Gary, 5th Congressional DistrictMeeks, Gregory W., 6th Congressional DistrictCrowley, Joseph, 7th Congressional DistrictNadler, Jerrold, 8th Congressional DistrictWeiner, Anthony D., 9th Congressional DistrictTowns, Edolphus, 10th Congressional DistrictClarke, Yvette D., 11th Congressional DistrictVelázquez, Nydia M., 12th Congressional DistrictGrimm, Michael, 13th Congressional DistrictMaloney, Carolyn, 14th Congressional DistrictRangel, Charles B., 15th Congressional DistrictSerrano, José E., 16th Congressional DistrictEngel, Eliot, 17th Congressional DistrictLowey, Nita, 18th Congressional DistrictHayworth, Nan, 19th Congressional DistrictGibson, Chris, 20th Congressional DistrictTonko, Paul D., 21st Congressional DistrictHinchey, Maurice, 22nd Congressional DistrictOwens, Bill, 23rd Congressional DistrictHanna, Richard, 24th Congressional DistrictBuerkle, Ann Marie, 25th Congressional DistrictLee, Christopher J., 26th Congressional DistrictHiggins, Brian, 27th Congressional DistrictSlaughter, Louise, 28th Congressional DistrictReed, Tom, 29th Congressional District[January 2011]

What is the congressional district of Inglewood?

Congressional District 35

How Congressional district boundaries are drawn?

They are drawn after the results of the Census. The Census reports information about the population of the U.S. The U.S, has a set number of Districs, however states can gain Districts by increasing their population, another state will lose their District in order to give to the other one which increased their population. This way everyone has a somewhat equal say in presidential elections

How you might describe a congressional district that has been drawn by a legislature in a very odd shape?

You might describe it as a gerrymander.

What congressional district do you live in Michigan?

the 6th congressional district!

What is the smallest congressional district?

Charlie Rangel's congressional district!

What congressional district is odenton Maryland?

MD 3rd Congressional District

Amarillo Texas is in which congressional district?

Texas' 13th Congressional District

What congressional district is Chatham New Jersey?

The 11th Congressional District

What congressional district do I live in Charlotte NC?

8th congressional district

What is the Congressional District of Lakewood Colorado?

Lakewood is in the 7th congressional district

What Congressional District is Montgomery Village MD in?

6th congressional district

What congressional district is VA in?

We are currently in the 110th Congress. Virginia is not in a congressional district, but it contains congressional districts.