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What is the other northern pacific state along with Washington?


Is Washington going to have a big tsunami?

It will probably happen eventually. This is a plate boundary just of the cause that could trigger an earthquake and tsunami, but there's no telling when it will happen. Other areas along the Pacific could produce a tsunami that would reach Washington

Where is an earthquake more likely to occur - along North America's pacific coast or along one of North America's other coasts?

an earthquake is more likely to occur along the North America's Pacific coast

Which contiguis states in the US border the Pacific Ocean?

In the United States of America, the states of Washington, Oregon, and California border the Pacific Ocean and are contiguous to other states.

Which contiguous states in the US border the pacific ocean?

There are three "contiguous" continental US states on the Pacific Coast : Washington, Oregon, and California. The other two states with Pacific Ocean shorelines are Alaska and Hawaii.

Is Portland Oregon Pacific time?

Yes. Portland, along with other major northwest cities including Seattle and Vancouver BC are all on Pacific Standard time.

Is seattle coastal?

Seattle is not on the Pacific Coast of Washington. It is on Puget Sound an inlet to the ocean. And, it has Lake Washington, Lake Union. And many other lakes and rivers in the area.

What and where is the pacific coast?

The Pacific Coast of the United States is made up of the coastlines of the states that border the Pacific Ocean: California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. It generally refers to the first three. Many other countries, and the State of Hawai'i, have Pacific Coasts as well.

What does nothern pikes eat?

Mainly smaller fish, frogs, and other small animals.

What capital city is located along the pacific coast of South America?

Lima, Peru is on the Pacific coast. The other countries have capitals farther inland: Bogota, Quito, and Santiago.

Why was Germany not invited to the Washington Naval Conference?

Germany was not invited to the Washington naval Conference because it was a defeated central power in World War I. Germany, along with the Soviet Union and other defeated central powers were omitted from the conference of Allied nations. The conference discussed naval disarmament and the growing tension in East Asia and the Pacific.

Why do earthquakes occur along north America's pacific coast?

Because that is where the two tectonic plates that 'carry' the American continent and the Pacific ocean respectively bump and grind against each other.

Where do the majority of earthquakes on earth occur?

Most earthquakes occur along the oceanic and continental plates where two plates are running into each other or sliding past each other. Fault lines or cracks in the earth can be created along these plate edges. The Pacific plate is the most active so most of the earthquakes are along the edge of that plate such as the Ring of Fire in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Is Pacific Coast Academy real?

Pacific Coast Academy as shown in the show Zoey 101 as a high school boarding school is not real. There are other academies such as the Pacific Coast Academy of dance and other sports. There is a boarding school located along the Pacific coast like the one shown on Zoey 101, but it is not "PCA" it is called the Stevenson School.

What is the closest ocean to the US Atlantic or pacific?

The US is surrounded by both bodies of water, so technically, neither of them are closer to the US than the other. The Pacific Ocean is along the western coast, while the Atlantic Ocean is along the eastern coast. That should hopefully answer your question.

What were the German countries in world war 2?

Sweden, denmark and many other nothern Europe countries

What languages were spoken by Coastal Indians of Washington?

There are many Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest, particularly along the coast of Washington. Quileute, Tlingit, and Salish are the only three I know of, but I am sure there are at least 5-7 main tribal languages in that area and that's not counting any other Natives who live in that area, but are from tribes outside of those territories.

Is yakima washington on Pacific standard time?

Yakima is on Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) only from the 1st Sunday of November to the 2nd Sunday of March. During the other two thirds of the year, Yakima is on Pacific Daylight Saving Time (UTC-7).

Why is the ring of fire located where it is?

It is located along the perimeter of the shrinking Pacific Plate which is being subducted under other plates, causing volcanism.

What continent is Fiji islands of?

Fiji falls under the Australian continent along with other south pacific countries and are sometimes regarded to as Oceanic.

What two tectonic plates border each other along the coast of California?

Pacific plate (oceanic) and North America plate (continental)

Are birch trees native to Washington state?

According to the Western Guide to Plants, there is one type of birch tree native to the Pacific NW. It is found along stream banks and is smaller in size. I can't remember the specific species. Many other birch trees are from Europe and the NE.

What is happening in Earth's crust along the fault to cause California to be so prone to earthquakes?

California in on a plate boundary where the Pacific plate and the North American plate are moving along side each other.

Which states touch the Pacific Ocean?

There are five states in the United States that border the Pacific Ocean. However, there are only three continental states that 'touch it'. The continental states are Washington, Oregon, and California. The other two are Alaska and Hawaii.

What position did George Washington serve as?

He was a General in the Continental Army, he was the President (Commander-In-Chief), along with many other services for England.