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The less a star appears to move the farther it is from earth is true.

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Why do some stars appear to stay constant and others move?

This phenomenon is due to something called parallax. If you hold your finger at arms length and close your right eye, then close your left eye and open your right, your finger appears to move, even though you are holding it still. It is because your point of observation has changed. If you hold your finger closer to your face, the distance it appears to move becomes greater. Now imagine the sun being the center of your face, and each eye as an opposite point on the earth's orbit. Stars that are closer to the earth will appear to move as compared to stars that are farther away.

When does Mercury appear?

Mercury appears very close to sunrise or sunset.

Why does the moon appear close to the Earth?

The Moon is appears close to the Earth because the Earth has a lot of mass, and the more mass it has the more gravity it has. Gravity keeps the Moon close to the Earth.In a relative sense, the moon is close to the earth. On an average of 240,000 miles or 400,000 km. The sun, which appears the same size, is 93,000,000 miles (150,000,000km) away - about 400 times farther. A few of the planets can be closer, but even at their closest, they appear as little more than points.

Are constellations a group of stars gravitationally bound and appearing close together in the sky?

No. Stars in a constellation appear close to each other, but the are NOT gravitationally bound.

Why does the moon appear large in the sky?

The moon appears large to us because we are very close to it.

Why do stars suddenly appear every time you are near?

just like me longing to be close to you.

Is a constellation a type of galaxy?

No, a constellation is not a galaxy. A galaxy is an enormous group of stars that are connected by gravity. A constellation is a pattern in stars that appear to an observer on the earth to be near each other. Essentially, human beings played "connect the dots" with the stars as they appear to us on earth, but the fact that two stars appear close in our night sky does not mean that they are actually close to each other in outer space.

Why does your sun appear to be so large when it is an average size star?

As we are close to so it appears large, while other stars are far away This video should give you an idea, look from 0:30 onwards

Why is Mars a bright looking star?

Mars appears bright in our sky because it's so close to us. It's not a star, by the way. It's a planet. Stars will appear to twinkle when you look at them, planets hold steady.

Why do billions of stars appear as big patches of the light in the night sky?

That happens when the individual stars are too faint, and too close together, to be seen as individual stars.

What do you call a small group of stars in a constellation?

A small group of stars that appear to be close together are often known a cluster. Technically its an asterism.

What is an optical double?

An optical double are two stars that appear to be close together from our perspective on the earth but are in reality far apart and not binary stars.

Why does the sun appear much larger than other stars?

That's because the Sun is so close to us compared with other stars.

Why do distant star that are actually very far from each other appear to be close together in the sky?

We cannot see the distance between these stars. This is why the stars in each constellation look like they are close together.

From earth one satellite appears to overtake another the faster satellite is?

Lower. The higher a satellite is, the more stationary it appears. for a satellite close to Earth, the period is a matter of hours, but for a satellite farther away, days.

Why does the pole star appers stationary?

The pole star also called "Dhruv tara", named so because it is in the direction of North Pole. All the stars appear to rotate about a point very close to the Pole star, which appears to be almost stationary.

What do the stars look like from mars?

Since Mars is so close to the Earth (astronomically speaking), then stars would still appear to be in the same relative position, with VEEEEEEERY little difference. Because of the thinner atmosphere distorting the light from the stars, they would appear brighter and clearer.

Why do some starts appear brighter than others?

The brightness of stars varies because of many reasons. 1. The Distance. Some Stars are far away, and the light takes longer to reach us, so the star only appears to be darker then stars around it that may appear brighter. 2.The size. Some stars are massive, and appear brighter then others simply due to their size. 3. It isn't a star. what you may be looking at isn't a star. You may be seeing a satellite, quasar, or even a close white dwarf or neutron star. 4. Finally, you may be looking at the milky way. in which case, they all appear to be brighter then stars outside it. This also falls under distance.

Do the stars actually move in the way they appear from Earth?

Yes, the stars do change position relative to each other. The effect is most noticeable for those that are fairly close to us.

Do the stars reflect light or give out light?

Stars give out light. The sun is a relatively small star but it's a a lot close than the others making it appear bigger. Stars are explosions and give out light.

How can you tell that some stars are relatively close to us in the sky?

If a star has some parallax - if its position against the background stars appears to be a teeny bit different in January than in July - then we know it's pretty close, and we can calculate precisely how far away it is.

How many times does the word then appear in the bible?

In the King James version, the word 'then' appears 2,169 times. Very close, the word "then" appears 2,168 times in the KJV Bible in 2,115 verses.

Why the sun so bright?

The main reason that the sun appears so large and bright to us is that we're soclose to it. The next nearest star is about 270 thousand times farther away thanthe sun is, and all the others are even farther than that.

What is an implied line?

A line that isn't there but appears to be. eg. Like short dashes close to each other on a page could appear to be a line but it isnt

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