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The ultima weapon is the best but requires the hardest process. For example finding Orichalum's. Other than that Fenrir is the strongest which is rewarded for defeating Sephiroth.

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What is the longest keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

In my opinion the Ultima Keyblade is the longest Keyblade in Kingdom hearts 2

What sword do you get when you defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Fenrir! It's the strongest keyblade in the game

How do you get mickey's keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You cannot get Mickey's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts II.

In Kingdom Hearts 2 which is the best Keyblade after Ultima Weapon?

The BEST keyblade is based on opinion, although the strongest (in terms of strength) is the Fenrir Keyblade, obtained after you defeat Sephiroth.

Is Kairi able to handle the KeyBlade in Kingdom Hearts?

Only in Kingdom Hearts 2 does she have a Keyblade. In Kingdom Hearts, she's unconscious for most of the game.

Is there a keyblade better than Ultima in Kingdom Hearts?

Whether a keyblade is 'better' than the other is slightly based on opinion. If you're asking what the strongest keyblade is, then the answer is the Fenrir Keyblade which is achieved by defeating Sephiroth.

Kingdom Hearts What is the strongest keyblade?

the ultima have to synthesize ever material in the game in the synthesize shop to get it. its HARD

What is the name of Riku's keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 1?

Riku uses an evil keyblade known as 'The Keyblade of People's Hearts'.

What is the name of the first Keyblade Sora used?

In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 the first keyblade used by Sora is the Kingdom Key.

Can you get the darkside keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

the answer is NO

What is the best keyblade in kingdom hearts 358 2 days?

the ultama keyblade

How do you get a mushroom keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You can't. The mushroom keyblade is an extra in Kingdom Hearts2 Final Mix.

How do you get Riku's keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

In the first Kingdom Hearts, Riku's keyblade is not usable.Riku uses many keyblades throughout Kingdom Hearts 2. He is first seen with the Soul Eater Keyblade, which cannot be obtained. He is then seen with the OblivionKeyblade, which he gives to you at The World That Never Was, right before entering the castle. The last keyblade he is seen with is the Way To The Dawn Keyblade, which also cannot be obtained.

Kingdom Hearts 3 the keyblade wars release date?

Kingdom Hearts III: The Keyblade Wars is a fan made cover desgin.It is not a real game.

Is the keyblade real?

No. The keyblade is a fictional weapon used in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

How can you find the Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

after you get further into the game

Can you get rikus keyblade in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

no you cant

What console is kingdom hearts keyblade wars for?


Can you get the soul eater keyblade on kingdom hearts 2?


What is the name of Riku's keyblade?

Riku uses many Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series.Riku uses the 'Keyblade of People's Hearts' in the first Kingdom Hearts. He wields the 'Soul Eater' in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and he uses the 'Oblivion' and 'The Way To The Dawn' Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts II.

What keyblade do you get after you beat Sephiroth?

on Kingdom Hearts 1 i have no clue but on Kingdom Hearts 2 after you beat sephiroth go talk to cloud and he will give you a keyblade called Fenrir

How do you get one winged angel keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

you get it in kingdom hearts final mix after defeating sephiroth

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS3?

no not yet But they are making Kingdom Hearts 3: The Keyblade Wars for Ps3

What do you unlock when you defeat terra in kingdom hearts 2 final mix?

You get a keyblade. Terra's keyblade.

How do you get oblivion keyblade?

If you mean keyblade as in Kingdom Hearts than I assure you that it is a mod that is installed from the internet.