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* Missy Elliott * Nick Cannon

David Beckham

Steve Carell

Method Man


Kevin Garnett

Snoop Dogg


Lionel Messi

Alicia Keyes

Jay Baruchel

Young Jeezy

Rev Run

B.o.B Paul Iacono

Matt Bennett (He wears them in pretty much all the episodes he's been on in Victorious as Robbie Shapiro).

Bill Kaulitz (Wears the shoe and the jackets)

Any one from Korn

Gilles Marini

Rob Kardashian

Drew Lachey

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Q: Which known celebrities wear Adidas brand shoes?
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Shoes Brand that begins with letter A?


What is a brand of shoes that starts with the letter A?


What makes Adidas different from other shoes?

The brand.

What the brand name of comfortable shoes starts with letter A?


Who invented spike shoes for athletics?

Adolf Dassler did 1920 for track and field. He is better known for the German shoe brand of Adidas

What makes Adidas Goodyear shoes different from other Adidas shoes?

Adidas Goodyear shoes are different from the original style of Adidas shoe because of the style. It still has the three stripes that Adidas is known for, the actual shoe is a newer stylish design.

What is the name of the brand of shoes that has a 3 leaf clover on the box its not called lucky?

the brand is Adidas

What brand of wrestling shoes does John Cena wear?

adidas or reebok

Which brand has ladies wide golf shoes?

Adidas Golf AD Comfort II Golf Shoes

What brand of shoes is shoes attitude?

Shoes Attitude is a brand of Adidas. They are super high and super classy. They are also considered to be a retro shoe. They come in a variety of different colors.

What is term of Adidas?

Adidas is a brand of shoes. you put them on your feet. then tie up the shoelaces. and you ready to go, Adidas style :) oh don't forget your socks.

Is Adidias tennis gear a good afforadable brand?

That would depend on your budget. You can get shoes from the Adidas website for around $55.00 to $60.00. You can also find items that are on sale. Adidas is a great company known for making wearable shoes. They are a great quality shoe maker.

What brand shoe will Andrew Wiggins wear in the NBA?

Andrew Wiggins singed a deal with Adidas and wear Adidas shoes in the NBA. He also wore Adidas in College

Where can I purchase Adidas running apparel?

One of the best places to buy Adidas brand shoes is Foot Locker. That brand is popular in running and miscellaneous sports, so that is a prime establishment to search.

Will Jabari Parker wear Adidas Shoes in the NBA?

No, Jabari Parker singed a deal with Nike and wear their Jordan brand shoes in the NBA.

What brand shoes does tony stark wear in the avengers movie?

adidas porsche design bounce p5000

Does Walmart in platteville have Adidas shoes?

no. no walmart has Adidas shoes, unless they are fake.

What type of Adidas shoes does Will Smith wear?

he does not have Adidas shoes he has fallen black and white fallen shoes

Where can one purchase an Adidas running shoe?

Adidas shoes are a well known brand, and their running shoes are popular choices among joggers. Adidas shoes of all types can be bought directly from the manufacturer's web site, and they are also available at department stores, almost all shoe shops, and even through discount or auction sites.

What shoes cost more Nike or Adidas?

Nike is more expensive, since the sneakers are made from certain celebrities, they make the designs, etc.

Product vs brand?

Products are created inwarehouses where the brand is created in the minds of the individual. Brands are then put on products to sell to people that have heard of the brand. e.g. shoes are created all the same with obviously different styles, but once a Nike or Adidas logo is on it, it changes to the brand. Nike and Adidas shoes are probably made in the same third world country factories.

What male celebrities wear Converse brand shoes?

Bruno mars that's all I know

Who make more money Jordans or Adidas?

Jordan Brand is a relatively small company compared to Adidas, the mother company to several lines of shoes. If you compare the average price of Jordans to the average price of a pair of Adidas, Jordans are the more expensive shoes. Hoever, overall, the Adidas company is worth more than the Jordan company because they make a heck of a lot more shoes. Jordan Brand, on the other hand, is a daughter company of Nike. Nike is worth about $25 billion and Adidas is worth about $21 Billion.

Is Adidas discontinuing the Adidas Hillsdale shoes?

Adidas shoes.Its not just taking all the shoes from other shoestores.Its making it themselves.

is nike the bset for basketball shoes?

Basketball is a great sport and having the right shoes is very important. Nike is the best brand for basketball shoes but Adidas is a great second choice.