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Arceus (With Dragon plate)

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What is the best fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

It'll be an inferape For a legendary it'll be a ho-oh A wild Pokemon it'll be a magamizier or a houndoom

What is the best legendary Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

there are many legendary Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold, but the best is HO-OH

What is the best water type Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Sapphire?

Best non-legendary water pokemon would be Gyarados. Best legendary water pokemon is Kyogre.

What is the best grass type pokemon in platinum?

best starter- turtwigs evolution (Torterra) best pokemon found in wild- roselias evolution(Roserade) best legendary- Shaymin (Event)

In Pokemon Platinum what is the best Pokemon in there?

1. giratina or any other legendary 2. any level 100 pokemon 3.i would give you more specifics if you told me what type.

Best place to find legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Vortex?

cave map is the best place to find legendary

What is the best electric legendary Pokemon?

Zekrom is the best electric legendary Pokemon period. Its not a opinion, its a dead fact.

How do you get spirtomb in Pokemon Platinum?

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

What is the best Pokemon ever in Pokemon Black?

I personally think that the best Pokemon in Pokemon black is Reshiram because he is the legendary!

What is the best Pokemon in the games?

well that depends if your looking for the best legendary Pokemon. best Legendary: Groudon is a really good Pokemon when it learns fichse. but id have to say groudon is the best

What is the strongest water Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There are many Water Type Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, however, there is only one strongest one. That Pokemon is Palkia. Palkia is one of the Main Storyline Legendaries in Pokemon Pearl, it is a Water/Dragon Type. If you are looking for the strongest Non-Legendary, your best bet is Gyarados. Any exceptions?

What is the best non legendary Pokemon on emerald?

The best non legendary Pokemon, or the best Pokemon in general, is a matter of opinion that depends on your prefered type. Ask anyone and they will give you a different answer. However, the non legendary Pokemon with the highest attack is rampardos, who is not in emerald.

Who is the best pokemon to catch Pokemon Platinum?

Going by stats, the overall best pokemon is Arceus.

What is the best non legendary Pokemon in heart gold?

There is no proven best Pokemon. Most Pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses. But there is no best.

What is the best Pokemon game ever made?

Pokemon platinum and Pokemon emerald

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