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soda will make the plant grow faster. i tried vinilla zero and the plant grew to be 7 inches

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โˆ™ 2007-11-15 22:48:52
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Q: Which makes a plant grow faster soda or water?
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What makes a plant grow faster vinegar or water?

Water makes plant grow faster then vinegar

What liquid makes a plant grow faster?

Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

Which soda makes a plant grow faster water or sprite?

water makes a plant grow faster because they where growing befor sprite was envented and water was here

What makes a plant grow faster if watered by milk or water?

Water would make the plant grow faster.

Which source of liquid makes a plant grow faster water or vinegar?

All plants need water and most will grow faster with it. There are some plants that do well with the acidity of vinegar yet too much will kill the plant. Trust in Water.

Would a plant grow taller with milk or water?

Milk makes it grow faster I did the science project

Can sugar water make plants grow faster?

Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

Do do a plant grow faster in the sun without water or do a plant grow faster in shade with water?

Depends upon type of plant .

What makes plants grow faster sugar water or regular water?

Regular Water makes it grow faster!

Why doesn't a plant grow faster if watered by milk and not water?

Water is needed as part of photosynthesis which makes the right type of food that the plant needs to grow. Milk has some water and other stuff in it that the plant doesn't need.

Which solution makes plants grow faster?

Calcium nitrate or potassium nitrate dissolved in water and sprayed on certain plant leaves should help them grow faster than just water alone. The type of solution would vary from plant to plant. Some plants burn when water is sprayed on their leaves.

Do plants grow faster in koolaid or water?

water is wrong because I'm doing a science fair project right now that proves that koolaid makes the plant grow faster. plant cells use sunlight to make sugars

What makes a plant grow faster caffeine or water?

Caffeine does help a plant grow faster. If you put coffee grinds on some of your plants, it's very healthy for them. Water also helps keep plants alive, so you would still need to do that.

Does a plant grow faster with water or an energy drink?

Plants grow faster with water because, it can get its own glucose through photosynthesis. On the other side energy drinks are full of weird colors and stuff anyway, which wouldn't help the plant to grow but the energy in the drink would probably give the plant the energy to grow faster. Water is free from all the chemicals, and helps the plant to grow faster.

Does water coke or milk make a plant grow faster?

Does water, coke or milk grow faster?

Does a plant grow faster if watered by milk or water?

a plant will grow faster will water because water has special nutrituns which milk dosent and these nutrients are needed for the flower

What makes a plant grow faster water or sugar solution?

The best way to make a plant grow faster is using the right proportions of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. This is dependent upon the plant species. Also important is the amount of sunlight and dark time that is optimal for the specific plant.

What makes a plant grow faster water Gatorade or soda?

BOTH!Gatorade and soda have sugar in them and plants do need sugar to order to grow...AND SUNLIGHT

What grows faster a plant in the sun with no water or a plant in a closet with water?

the one in the sun with no faster grows faster because the plant NEEDS sun to grow

Why do nails grow faster at the beach?

nails grow faster at the beach because salt water[ocean water] makes your nails irich and that helps them grow faster

Why the plant needs water?

To make plant grow faster

Would a plant grow faster in soda milk or water?

Water, because soda has to much sugar that will kill the plant. Milk contains no minerals for the plant to use. Water helps all living things, so water makes it grow better. God made it rain water not soda of course :D

Why do plant grow faster with koolaid but not water?

Hi there plants grow faster with cool aid then water as the cool aid contains more minerals and vitamins then water. These are what a plant needs to maintain health .And grow at greater speeds.

Will tap water or rainwater make bamboo plant grow faster?

Rain water make bamboo plants grow faster.

Does a plant grow faster using milk or water?

Anonymous, A plant grows faster with water than with milk.