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Naw. I like the colony of Pennsylvania because of Naw Snap.

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Q: Which middle colony was founded in 1704 when colonists settled on land that had been part of Pennsylvania?
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What what colony was settled by Quakers for religious freedom?

Pennsylvania. It is named for William Penn who founded the colony.

When was the state of Pennsylvania founded?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania December 12, 1787.

Who settled in Pennsylvania before it was a colony?

William Penn was the founder of the colony, and now the state of Pennsylvania. He founded the colony in 1682, for a religious refuge for Quakers, and for agriculture.

The religion group that settled the colony of Pennsylvania was the?

The Quakers settled in the colony in Pennsylvania.

Who settled the Pennsylvania colony?

Pennsylvania was settled by William Penn and the Quakers.

When was colonial Pennsylvania founded?

Pennsylvania colony was founded in the year of 1681 by William Penn.

What colony had Quakers and brotherly love?

Pennsylvania was settled as a colony for Quakers.

When was the colony of Pennsylvania made?

The colony of Pennsylvania was originally founded in 1682.

Who founded the colony of Penysylvania?

William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania

Which colony was established as a haven for the Quakers and why?

Pennsylvania was founded as a state of religious freedom by the Quakers. William Penn, who founded the colony on March 4, 1681, was the leader of this movement.

William Penn Founded which colony?


Which is one colony where Quakers settled?