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Pepper will not dissolve in water.

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No, pepper does not dissolve in water so this is a mixture not a solution.

Add the mixture into water and stir to dissolve the sugar. Pour the watery mixture into another container, using a paper filter to catch the pepper. If you would like to have the sugar back into solid form, simply evaporate the water.

it is heterogeneous because the pepper does not dissolve in the water

Pepper and water is not a solution, it is a mixture because the pepper will not dissolve. If you're wondering if salt and water is a solution, it is because it's the solution saltwater and the salt does dissolve unlike the pepper.

First put the mixture in a colander and separate the salt and pepper from the pebbles. Then put the salt and pepper in water and stir it to dissolve the salt. The pepper will not dissolve, and you can remove the pepper. Then allow the water to dissolve and you will be left with the salt.

Dissolve the mixture in pure water. Run the water through a filtration system. All the pepper should be trapped in the filter and you will need to allow this to dry. The water that runs through the filter should contain all the sugar - in solution. It will be necessary to allow this water to evaporate - either in its own time or by evaporation. However, you may end up with sugar crystals that are quite different (in size) from those in the sugar-pepper mixture.

no pepper does not dissolve into water.

Pure sugar is a compound, which is a pure substance. If you dissolve sugar in water, you will have a homogeneous mixture, which is a solution.

no pepper doesn't dissolve in water

Dissolve the sugar in water and then evaporate the water

No. Pepper does not dissolve in water.

Sugar water is a homogeneous mixture.Normal sugar is completely soluble.Things that "dissolve" in water, i.e. reduce to a distribution of individual molecules or ions, form a homogeneous mixture.

Pour the mixture into enough water that all the sugar will dissolve. Sand does not dissolve in water, so the sand will settle to the bottom of the solution and then you can sift the sand out of the solution. Then you will just have sand and sugar water, which can evaporate, leaving the sugar behind in the container.

1. Put Sugar in water and stir to dissolve. 2. If there is still some sugar left, heat the mixture whjile continuing to stir. Once the solution is saturated, the remaining sugar will not dissolve.

mixture dissolve in a water

Sugar is soluble in water.Pepper can be sparated from pebble with a sieve.

Sugar will dissolve in water upto the point when the water becomes 'saturated' with sugar, then no more sugar will dissolve.

Since sugar dissolves in water, the mixture is homogeneous until you have added so much sugar that no more will dissolve.

Put the mixture in alcohol and only the sugar will dissolve, then you can take the salt out, and when the water evaporates, the sugar will be left.

You could try running water through it (which would dissolve the sugar), collecting the water, and evaporate it to get the sugar back.

A magnet will cause the iron to adhere and separate. Or adding water will dissolve the sugar and the iron can be filtered out and then the water evaporated from the sugar.

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