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The english, the victory was atributed to Sir Walter Raleigh, the story goes that he was playing bowls and insisted on finishing the game before setting sail. The victory was attained by the use of fireships whiich broke up the close formation of the fleet allowing the English fleet to pick off most of the main force, the remainder sailed AROUND Britain to get home, during which, more ships were lost due to storms.

Amendment: It wasn't Raleigh who was purported to be playing bowls on Plymouth Hoe, it was Sir Francis Drake.

It was actually by Bryan Stevenson who was a Scotish Warrior that shot at the Spanish with cannons from the shore.

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Q: Which nation defeated the spanish armanda?
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Who defeated by English navy and bad weather?

Spanish Armanda

Which english ruler defeated the spanish armanda?

Elizabeth 1 was on the English throne

What nation defeated the spanish armada?

The English

What is armanda?

A Spanish word for a Fleet (of ships)

Why was Queen Mary involved with the spanish armanda?

She was not.

Why did England deafeat the Spanish Armanda in 1588?

To stop the Spanish invading England.

What is a Spanish armanda?

The Spanish Armada was a gigantic fleet of Spanish ships that was beat by England in 1588.

Who did Philip II send to conquer England in 1588?

The Spanish Armanda

Who defeated the Spanish Armada and how were they defeated?

The british defeated the Spanish armada.

Did the Spanish Armada defeated England?

No. The English, with a lot of help from the weather, defeated the Spanish.

When was the Spanish armada defeated?

The Spanish Armada that sailed against England was defeated in 1588.

Why did the gentle man hate the spanish armanda?

'Gentle man' or 'gentleman'? And which one, more specifically?

What nation was defeated in the French and Indian War?

France was defeated.

Who was the man who defeated the spanish armarda by it self?

The Spanish Armada was not defeated by one man, it was defeated by the weather and its inability to sail against the prevailing wind.

Who was the spanish armada defeated by?

The Spanish Armada was defeated by England in August 1588.

What is the spanish armanda?

The Spanish Armada was a large fleet of ships sent from Spain to battle the British fleet. It was destroyed in violent storms before the battle off the coast of the Hebrides.

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Armanda Costanza was born on November 27, 1960, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

What country defeated the Spanish Armada?

The English sailors (England) defeated the Spanish ArmadaThat country was England

What navy defeated the Spanish Armada?

It was Elizabeth I's Royal British Navy that defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588!

Spanish conquistadors defeated the blank tribe in Mexico?

Spanish conquistadors defeated the Aztec "tribe" in Mexico, in 1521.

How were the Aztecs defeated by the Spanish explorers?

The Spanish had guns

Who defeated the Spanish in the Spanish armada?

Elizabeth the II

Who defeated the Spanish fleet in 1898?

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