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Which of the following plays a role in determining your body-type

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Q: Which new feature in windows explorer makes sizing windows easier?
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What are the four sizing buttons for Windows 7?

navigation, content, details and previews

How do you use the sizing buttons in the Microsoft Windows?

In Microsoft Windows, you can use the sizing buttons by pressing the Ctrl and plus or minus keys on the keyboard simultaneously to increase or decrease the page and font size. You can also zoom the page in or out through the settings menu in the browser.

What is pattern sizing?

sizing patterns.

What is sizing button in computer?

sizing button

How come women and men have different why to size their clothing?

Mens and Womens bodies and bone structures are built completely different and because of this they cannot fit into the same clothing. Making different sizing charts for men and women was just easier I think for people; although it would be easier in a sense to have the same sizing charts having different ones doesn't make it veyr much harder. Just think about it like adults and kids having different sizing stuff.

Is sizing a real word?

no.. Sizzling is tho! Sizing might be sorting something by size, as in "In this room, these people are sizing eggs."

Bus bar and bus duct sizing calculations?

busbar sizing & calculation

When was Sizing Up the Senate created?

Sizing Up the Senate was created in 1999.

The type of sizing handle used to resize a picture proportionally?

sizing handles

What is fabric sizing?

Fabric sizing is part of the weaving process. The sizing is determined by the type of yarn used(cotton, linen)and the thickness of the yarn. The sizing liquor is applied to warp yarns. After completion, the fabric is desized (washed).

What are the differences between boys' sizing and girls' sizing?

They are almost similar the girls clothing run a little bigger because of the portion in their bodies,but they are very similar in sizing

Who knows the australian equivilant sizing of knitting needles and crochet hooks to americian sizing?

They use metric.

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