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The first four planets are often lumped together into the category of "inner" or "terrestrial" planets:

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars

The last four are often lumped together into the category of "outer" or "gas giant" planets:

  1. Jupiter
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus
  4. Neptune

All of the dwarf planets are terrestrial. The only dwarf planet that can sometimes be called an "inner planet" is Ceres, which orbits between Mars and Jupiter.

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What are two major differences in the composition of the inner and outer planets?

the inner planets are rocky and warm and the outer planets are made out of gas and is cold

What are 3 differences between the outer and inner planets?

The outer planets have a gas surface, the inner planets have a rocky surface. Another is that the outer planets are bigger than the inner planets. The last major difference is that the inner planets are more denser than the gas giants.

What are major planets?

They are the eight planets Mercury to Neptune.

What are three major differences between the inner and outer planets?

The inner planets are small, the outer planets are huge in comparison.The inner planets have rocky surfaces, the outer planets are gas giants.All of the outer planets have rings. None of the inner planets does.All of the outer planets have several moons, some of them quite large.

Why are planets called major planets?

They are sometimes called "major planets" to distinguish them from the "minor planets" (the asteroids) and "dwarf planets" like Pluto.

What are the sun and its eight planets called?

The Sun and it's eight major planets are part of the solar system. Our solar system also contains 5 dwarf planets (as of 2017) and more than 700,000 minor planets and other objects.

What is the smallest of all the planets?

Mercury is the smallest of the eight major planets.

What are the sun and the eight planets?

The Sun and the eight major planets are part of our solar system.

Are there any other planets other than the eight major planets of our solar system?

Over 900 planets have been discovered orbiting other stars. These are called exoplanets.

What are the two major groups that planets are divided?

Inner rocky planets and outer gas giant planets. (There are also Ice giants and dwarf planets)

Which of the planets do scientists NOT consider a major planet?

There are eight planets, which can also be loosely descibed as major planets. Below that there are dwarf planets and then minor planets, also know as asteroids.

What used to have nine planets but now has eight?

Our solar system used to have nine planets and thousands of asteroids, but now has eight major planets, five dwarf planets, and thousands of minor planets.

What are the eight major planets in our solar system?

Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune are the eight planets

What are the major characteristics of the inner planets?

Each of the four inner planets have a clearly defined terrain. They are different to the gas planets, which don't have a clear solid surface. The inner planets are also much smaller and less massive, yet have a higher density than the outer planets. The inner planets have fewr moons due to their smaller mass and size. As they are closer to the sun, they orbit the sun in less time and are also warmer.

Are dwarf planets satillites?

They are satellites of our sun, as with the eight major planets. They orbit the sun directly.

What do the sun and its eight planets form?

The Sun and planets form the solar system. There are eight major planets, five dwarf planets, and more than 700,000 minor planets (asteroids and other bodies) in our solar system.

What is the middle planet of the eight planets?

If you only count the 8 major planets, then the two middle planets are Mars and Jupiter.If you count all 13 major and dwarf planets, the middle one is Saturn.

What are the two major ways that the terrestrial planets and the jovian planets differ?

The four inner planets are made of rock . The outer planets are made of various gases and condenced gases. Hydrogen being prominante.

Do all eight planets have an axis?

Yes, all 8 planets along with planetesimals like Pluto revolve around and axis.

How many major planets does the sun have?

The are eight major planets in the solar system of the sun. These are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

What are the eight planets in order of decreasing size?

The eight major planets, in order from largest to smallest, are:JupiterSaturnUranusNeptuneEarthVenusMarsMercury

Why does the dwarf planet Pluto have a lower temperature than the eight major planets?

Pluto has a lower temperature because it is further from the sun than any of the eight planets.

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