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They are sometimes called "major planets" to distinguish them from the "minor planets" (the asteroids) and "dwarf planets" like Pluto.

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What kind of planets are Earth and Mars?

They are called "rocky planets" (and Mars may be called a terrestrial planet, similar to Earth). The other major planet type is gas giants.

Are there any other planets other than the eight major planets of our solar system?

Over 900 planets have been discovered orbiting other stars. These are called exoplanets.

Which of the planets do scientists NOT consider a major planet?

There are eight planets, which can also be loosely descibed as major planets. Below that there are dwarf planets and then minor planets, also know as asteroids.

Large bodies that revolve around the sun or another star?

Those are called "planets".Those are called "planets".Those are called "planets".Those are called "planets".

Why are planets called planets?

They are called planets because a famous scientist named them that.

What are major planets?

They are the eight planets Mercury to Neptune.

Why are outer planets called gaseous planets?

there called gaseous planets because they are the planets made of gas

What are the five planets on the outerside of the asteroid belt called?

There are only four major planets with orbits beyond the asteroid belt, they are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

What are in inner planets sometimes called?

The inner planets are sometimes called the 'rocky' planets.

What are the inner planets sometimes called?

the inner planets are sometimes called Terrestrial Planets

What are the sun and its eight planets called?

The Sun and it's eight major planets are part of the solar system. Our solar system also contains 5 dwarf planets (as of 2017) and more than 700,000 minor planets and other objects.

Why were planets called 'planets'?

Because planets orbit stars, they were called "planetai" (Greek) meaning wandering star.

What are inner planets sometimes called?

The rock planets. and the outer planets are called the gas giants.

What are the outer planets sometimes called except Pluto?

The Outer Planets are called Jovian Planets!

What are the four planets closest to the Sun called together they are called terrestrial planets?

In order from the Sun these planets are: Mercury, Venus Earth and Mars. Yes, they are called "terrestrial planets" and also the "Inner Planets".

What are often called minor planets?

Asteroids. Sometimes Dwarf planets are called minor planets also.

What can planets do that dwarf planets cannot do?

Actually Dwarf planets are planets which are very small in size and cannot be called planets but not as small to be called asteroids, so the name dwarf planets.

What is the smallest of all the planets?

Mercury is the smallest of the eight major planets.

What are the planets in the constellation Canis Major?

Constellations consist of stars, not planets.

What is the middle planet of the eight planets?

If you only count the 8 major planets, then the two middle planets are Mars and Jupiter.If you count all 13 major and dwarf planets, the middle one is Saturn.

Why are asteroids called mirror planets?

They are sometimes called minor planets (not mirror planets).They aren't planets really, but they are a bit like little planets orbiting the Sun.

How many planets and plutoids are in the solar system?

There are eight major planets, ten dwarf planets (sometimes called "plutoids"), and two protoplanets known to be in the solar system. Bear in mind, however, that, as we are always expanding the horizons of our knowledge the numbers quite possibly will change. For a list of major objects (such as planets and plutoids) in the solar system, see related links.

Why are the inner planets called terrestrial planets?

the inner planets are called terrestrial planets because of the rocky surfaces.

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