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Foreshadowing can build tension and create a suspenseful mood.

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What best describes the possible relationship between foreshadowing and a mood of suspense in a work of friction?

Foreshadowing can build tension and create a suspenseful mood.

Which of the following describes something that is quantized?

It has a specific set of possible values.

What best describes how Egyptian civilization developed?

If you lis 'the following' it might be possible to help.

A device used in literature to tell of possible future events?


What describes a symbiotic relationship in which one species is helped and the other is harmed?

It is a given that in a symbiotic relationship both animals are benefiting from the relationship. If there is a relationship where one is harmed, this is called an antagonistic relationship. It takes the form of these possible scenarios: paracitism, exploitation, predation, competition.

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The slowest speed at which it is still possible to remain steering.

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the presence of an uncontrolled variable might be revealed.

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If is not really possible to answer this question if it does not specify what the following is. I will assume that it refers to democracy because this is seen the most important political legacy of the Greeks.

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each firm charges a different price to allow for difference fixed cost

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Yes, quite possible, and it occurs all the time.

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Domain describes all possible input values.

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Yes it is possible to have a relationship with someone living in another continent.

Importance of foreshadowing in literature?

Foreshadowing is an important tool in Englishliterature. It foretells a possible future event in order to increases audience suspense and interest. Plus, if the foreshadowed prediction comes true, the story "comes full circle."

What was cleopatra relationship?

You need to specify which relationship you are referring to if you want to make it possible to answer your question. Cleopatra's relationship with who?

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All of the above

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If a teen is in an unhealthy relationship, they need to get out as soon as possible.

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What premonition does Juliet have as Romeo descends the ladder?

She has a vision that he is dead in a tomb. That might have been just her freaking out, but it is possible that he used it as a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Is vore possible in a relationship?

i hope so

What describes something that is quantized?

It has a specific set of possible values

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The word possible is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. The noun form is possibility.

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yes the two are friendly, but as for a like, well relationship its not exepted as possible but a cat proved to be possible so yes again

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Without a list of the following, it is not possible to answer the question.