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illegible records

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What about a patient's medical chart could be potentially hazardous to the patient's medical treatment?

Although the handwriting of physicians is the butt of many jokes, it is a potentially serious hazard to patients (found in Law, Liability, and Ethics) page190

What is the purpose of tumor markers?

to monitor patients for recurrence of tumors following treatment

What are the responsibilities of a internist?

Internists are responsible for diagnosing a patients condition, prescribing a treatment, and following and preferring a specialist.

What risk is there is taking drugs to treat leprosy?

Leprosy patients should be aware that treatment itself can cause a potentially serious immune system response called a lepra reaction.

What treatment exists for patients with AIDS?

Treatment for AIDS covers four considerations: TREATMENT OF OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS AND MALIGNANCIES. Most AIDS patients require complex long-term treatment with medications.

What is a sentence for patients?

The doctor did his best for his patients. The patients on this medication saw great results. Patients did not respond well to the treatment. How are the patients today?

What new treatment for lymphoma patients is available?

A new treatment option for patients with lymphoma is known as "peripheral stem cell transplantation."

Treatment of patients suffering from pulmonary agent exposure should focus on?

Treatment of patients suffering from pulmonary agent exposure should focus on?

What is treatment naive patient?

patients who have never before received the treatment in question

What are some of the benefits of acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of needles into the patients skin. It is used for a variety of purposes, such as to treat pain and nausea following surgery, chronic back pain and chronic headaches.

What is the recovery rate for patients with neurologic complications of Lyme disease?

Most patients with neurologic complications of Lyme disease recover completely following treatment with antibiotics. Those who do not respond are usually given an additional course of antibiotics

What is the range of treatment for patients infected with Campylobacter?

Most patients with Campylobacter infection rapidly recover without treatment. For certain groups of patients, infection becomes chronic and requires repeated courses of antibiotics.

What precautions should be taken with analgesics?

Narcotic analgesics may be contraindicated in patients with respiratory depression. NSAIDS may be hazardous to patients with ulcers or an ulcer history.NSAIDs are contraindicated in patients allergic to aspirin.

What is the goal in treatment most liver cancer patients?

For many patients, treatment of liver cancer is primarily intended to relieve the pain caused by the cancer but cannot cure it.

What drug therapy might be prescribed for prostate cancer patients following an orchiectomy?

Medications that prevent the production of testosterone: [goserelin or leuprolide acetate]); radiation treatment; chemotherapy.

What are some types of medical tourism?

Medical tourism is types of tourism in which patients travel to another countries for getting high quality and low cost medical treatment compared to his or her country. People generally visit to other countries for getting following kinds of health care services-Cosmetic treatmentDental treatmentSurgical treatmentEye treatment

What determines the course of medical treatment of gallstones?

Patients with no symptoms usually do not require treatment. The best treatment for patients with symptoms is usually surgery. Those who are not good candidates for surgery may take oral bile salts.

What is the treatment for Niemann Pick disease?

No specific definitive treatment is available for patients with any NPD type, and treatment is purely supportive

Are HIV patients less resistant to TB?

Yes, HIV patients are less resistant to TB. TB testing and treatment are critical for patients with AIDS.

What is the prognosis for many shigellosis patients?

Many patients with mild infections need no specific treatment and recover completely.

What does an oncologist do daily?

an oncologist will meet daily with patients and decide what the best treatment is for their patients cancer. They decide on every treatment and move that is made and ultimately try to decide what is best for the patient.

Do people die from Addison's disease?

Prognosis for patients appropriately treated with hydrocortisone and aldosterone is excellent. These patients can expect to enjoy a normal lifespan. Without treatment, or with substandard treatment, patients are always at risk of developing Addisonian crisis.Source: Answers.com

what is Braces cost in Bhopal?

Proud to present the Before After Result of our patients treated through orthodontic treatment. We believe in more comfort for our patients during the treatment and delivering superior results. Discover more about Dental Braces in Bhopal or Orthodontist in Bhopal by contacting Smile Gallery Dental Wellness Center. Just click the following link.

What should a cancer patient who is having an orchiectomy do if he plans to have children?

Patients who are having an orchiectomy as treatment for testicular cancer should consider banking sperm if they plan to have children following surgery.

What are the different problems doctors face during patients treatment?

Doctors have to face the patients and their family when deciding treatment. They also have to bear the responsibility for all the decisions they make which has direct effect on the patient.

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