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the answer is A. Salutation

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Which punctuation mark follows the closing in a business letter?

A comma should follow the closing if there is a colon following the salutation.

What are the parts of a friendly letter?

A friendly letter has 5 parts: the heading (address and/or date), the greeting or salutation, the body, the closing, and the signature. You can also add a postscript, or P.S., at the bottom of the letter.

What is the same between a business letter and a friendly letter?

Both used to provide info and details also they both have a heading, body, salutation, closing, and signature.

What is a good closing salutation for valentine card?

"from an admirer"

What is a Simplified letter?

It is useful when you don't have a contact name (sender's name) because it doesn't require an opening (or closing) salutation. There is no opening salutation or complimentary closing, and nothing is indented.

What type of letter has a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing?


What is a good Closing salutation for letter from the president?

deepest regards

What do you put at the end off a letter?

A closing salutation and your name.

What punctuation does not include a colon after the salutation or a comma after the complimentary closing?


What is two point punctuation?

Using a colon in the salutation and a comma in closing.

What are the 4 major parts of a letter?

Salutation, Introduction Body closing and signature.

How are business letters organized?

Date, salutation, body, closing, signature, enclosures

What is the correct order for a business letter?

Date, salutation, body, closing, enclosure

What are warm closing salutations?

A warm closing for a letter is the term Regards or Warm wishes. A warm salutation is My dearest followed by the name.

What is an antonym for salutation?

Anotonyms for salutation (meaning greeting) would be dismissal or farewell.Antonyms for salutation (meaning praise) are disapproval, demerit, calumny, condemnation, or criticism.We say hello with a salutation; we say goodbye with a valediction. This is also the term for the polite closing in a letter.

What is a good closing salutation for business christmas cards?

Regards, (Then you sign your name/business)

What are the different parts of a letter called?

Date Greeting or salutation Body Closing Signature

Good closing salutation in a christmas card from a manager to their employees?

Thank you for your hard work is an example of a good closing salutation in a Christmas card from a manager to their employees. A manager could also say something like, looking forward to a productive year.

What is the proper salutation and closing for a Christmas card that is attached to a gift?

Happy holidays. because its not racist.

What is the format of e mail?

salutation, opening sentence information in details closing sentence name

What does it mean when a man says kisses and caresses at the end of the message?

It is a closing salutation that displays affection.

What is a closing in a letter?

A closing in a letter is the end salutation, when you say, "From, C. S. Lewis," or something else. The most common ones are: from, sincerely, your friend, or love.

What is the term for the ending of a friendly letter?

When you are writing a letter, the closing is what usually appears right before your signature. In a friendly letter the closing can be something such as, "fondly," or "your friend."

What are the parts to a business letter?

Parts of a business letter:headingInside AddressSalutationbodyclosingSignature

What six parts in a business letter?

Sender’s Address, Date, Inside Address, Salutation, and Body, Closing.

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