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Which of the original 13 states border Tennessee?


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The two US States that are among the original 13 states that share a common border with Tennessee are North Carolina and Virginia.

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Georgia and Virginia border Tennessee. Both Georgia and Virginia were among the original 13 states.

Tennessee is bordered by Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the south, Kentucky and Virginia to the north, North Carolina to the east, and Arkansas and Missouri to the west. Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia were among the original 13 U.S. states.

The original 13 Colonies plus Vernont and Kentucky.

Pennsylvania is the only original U.S. states that didn't have an ocean border. The other 12 shared some border with the Atlantic Ocean.

Vermont,Kentucky,and Tennessee were the first three states to join the United States

There were a total of 16 states in 1800. Beside the original 13 colonies which became states, there are Vermont, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The original 13, and later during his term, 3 were added (Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee)

In the Border States was created on 1910-06-13.

What are the 13 original states of the u.s called

the 13 original states the 13 original states

Vermont (1791), Kentucky (1792), Tennessee (1796), Ohio (1803), Louisiana (1812)

Thirteen (13) representing the original 13 states of the United States of America.

New Hampshire is the northernmost of the original 13 states. Georgia was the southernmost of the original 13 states.

Vermont (1791), Kentucky (1792), Tennessee (1796), Ohio (1803), Louisiana (1812)

Vermont (1791), Kentucky (1792), Tennessee (1796), Ohio (1803), Louisiana (1812)

The first President to be born outside the original 13 states was Lincoln (Kentucky). Prior to him however, Jackson (Tennessee), WH Harrison (Ohio), Polk (Tennessee), and Taylor (Louisiana)had all been resident outside the original states at the time of their elections

Yes there were 13 original states. Over half of America was not discovered yet. That's why there were originaly 13 states. I'm not sure what the original 13 states were though.

The first few Presidents were of course born while the original states were still British colonies, but the first President born outside the original 13 states/colonies was Abraham Lincoln, who was born in Kentucky.

The symbol on the great seal that represents the original 13 states is the pyramid. The pyramid has 13 layers which represent the 13 states.

On the first flag of the United States there were 13 stars for the original 13 states. Many people confuse the number 13 with the original Colonies but the stars represented the original 13 states.

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