Which of the ten most populous cities have more males than females?

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Phoenix, San Diego, and Dallas

Are there more females than males in the world?

No, there are more males in the world. World wide, there are roughly 101 males for every 100 females. If you look at a break down by country, more countries have a higher num

Do females smoke more than males?

I looked this up and the recent trends in smoking using graphs showed that males smoke more then females. I think....... I'm not sure. . Yes. Females do smoke more.

Are there more males than females?

Type your answer here... no Original deleted as wilfully offensive, and admittedly ignorant.Most populations of animals have approximately similar numbers ofmale and female

Is there more female humans than male?

There is more female humans than males because they live longer and its a fact but the rate of being a boy is now 51% (as told in psycology textbook)

Are females more aggressive than males?

No why would you think that? The fact that males are more aggressive than females has to do with biological, psychological, and social factors. Research shows in addition that
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Why is ESR more in females than in males?

the zeta potential of the rbc's ( the negative charge on the rbcs) REPELLS the rbcs. so. if the number of rbcs is more, more will be the repulsion. females have a lesser blo
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Are more females teachers than male?

there are 30% more female teachers than male teachers, this is because females feel more attached to kids than adult males.
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Why males have more blood than females?

More muscle mass, they are bigger generally. But a big female will have more blood than a small male.
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Do males text more than females?

Each member of the opposite sex would say that the other texts more than they do. Studies show that it is about even; though women use more characters and abbreviations where
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Why do females love more than males?

Because it takes them a while to develop their feelings, whilemales can take faster to develop. So with slow development leads tostronger love.