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Q: Which of the text codes can represent any symbol in any language?
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What does the Hebrew text represent?

It represents the consonants of the Hebrew language.

What does the initial HTML represent?

HTML stands for "hyper-text markup language", Used to create websites.

How do you compile HTML codes?

You don't compile HTML codes. HTML is a parsed language, meaning that it's transferred to the browser as plain text, and the browser reads it as such.

What does this symbol mean at the end of a text message?

What does a crown symbol mean at the end of a text

What is a header code?

Header codes, or tags, are used in html language. They are used to identify the page and can be text, banner or logo.

Where can one find MySpace text codes?

One can find MySpace text codes on a variety of sites that offer a compilation of codes. One will be able to find MySpace text codes on quackit, or 123mycodes.

Text can be used with a diamond symbol to delineate what on the road?

Text can be used with a diamond symbol to delineate

What is the symbol for Open Text Corporation in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Open Text Corporation in NASDAQ is: OTEX.

What is the sacred text or symbol of judaism?

Sacred Text: Tanakh Symbol: Shield of David / Star of David

What does BTW in text language mean?

BTW means By The Way in text language

Why is it necessary to represent a blank space as a separate character in text?

why is itnecessay to represent a blank space as a separate character in text

What is the symbol in text messaging for between you and me?

you & me?

What does periods mean in text symbol?


How do you align text on MySpace?

go to click on text codes.

What does a rectangle symbol mean in a text?

A rectangle symbol in a text of means that an emoji symbol had been sent and the receiver was unable to read it. This is a symbol that is often sent from an iPhone to an android device.

What are text codes used for in texting?

Text codes are often used to enter sweepstakes and contests. Text codes are also used for verification and security purposes, such as Google's 2-step verification system for email.

In text language what does TTFN mean?

in text language ttfn means ta ta for now

What does inbd mean in text language?

Inbd mean "It's no big deal" in text language.

When was Text Executive Programming Language created?

Text Executive Programming Language was created in 1979.

What language do you call hi wuu2?

text language

What are the key components of translation?

Changing text in one language into text in another language.___It is about reproducing the meaning in another language.

What are text symbol's meaning?

I love u

What sangam text?

sangam text is a very difficult language

What is the text panda website?

it is where you type in a symbol and word so all you have 2 do is write the symbol and it will make it the word and you can text messages from your phone on it!

What is the so-called founding technology of HTML?

hyper text markup language tags are instruction that are embedded directly into the text of the document.An HTML is the language interpreted by a browser.Web page are also called HTML document. HTML is a set of special codes that can be embedded in text to add formatting and linking information.HTML is specified as tags in a HTML document.