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All of them

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What one is not an Aphrodisiac chocolate oysters and alcohol?


Is it safe to eat oysters when drinking alcohol?


What foods increase sperm?

Dark chocolate, oysters, garlic and bananas.

What are some natural aphrodisiacs other than oysters?

other then oysters there is chocolate, cavier and truffles. There is also a cookbook out that has all recipes that contain aphrodisiacs.

What is the lucky foods to prepare on New Year's Eve?

chocolate and oysters if you wanna get lucky

What name a food known for its romance inducing ways?

Chocolate, Strawberries, Oysters, Steak

What to add to rice pudding?

sausage links chocolate covered with pickels on sticks and rocky mountain oysters

Name a food that people get fed in romantic situations?

strawberries, chocolate, grapes, steak, oysters, lobster, pasta

What did people on the titanic eat?

they ate lamb oysters and dessert vanilla and chocolate eclairs french icecream waldrof pudding

Which are the common foods containing copper?

There are many types of foods that contain copper. These foods include liver, oysters and chocolate.

How many oysters in a bushell?

The number of oysters in a bushel is dependent on the size of the oysters. A bushel of oysters usually contains around 100-150 oysters.

What is the food for increase immunity?

Green Tea, Chillies, Ginger, Garlic, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Oysters, Tomatoes, Figs, Wheat Germ, Mushrooms, Pomegranates... antioxidants like berries and dark chocolate etc. Limit fat and sugar intake as well as alcohol.

What foods can you eat to increase sperm count?

There are a number of foods that can be consumed to increase sperm count. These include oysters, dark chocolate, and bananas.

Do oysters have a radula?

No. Oysters do not have a radula

What are dried oysters?

oysters that are dried

What is a sack of oysters?

A bag of oysters.

Where are oysters are found?

Where can oysters be found?:)

Do oysters have a skeleton?

No, oysters are invertebrates

Are oysters an aphrodisiac?

Yes,oysters are aphrodisiac.Oysters are known as aphrodisiacs. This is studied by scientist.

What foods are associated with Valentine's day and love?

Chocolate- Aniseed- Ginseng- Oysters- Chillies- Honey- Fennel- Ginger- Garlic- Vanilla- Raspberries- Strawberries

What are the sources of zinc?

Oysters, Wheat, Veal Liver, Sesame Seeds, Beef, Pumpkin Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Dark Chocolate, Lamb, Peanuts

Are oysters high in fat?

Calories in oysters?

Do pearl oysters have eyes?

Oysters do not have eyes, no.

Are oysters endangered or threatened?

no oysters are not endangered

What is Raw oysters called in Hindi?