Which of these parts of an ecosystem are biotic which are abiotic rock clouds birds air grass insect rabbit water alligator sun?

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The following are abiotic: Rocks, Clouds, Air, Sun, Water. The following are biotic: Birds, Grass, Insects, Rabbits, Alligators. Basicly abotic things are living, and not organinc body.
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What are 5 biotic and 5 abiotic factors of terrestrial ecosystem?

Biotic components of the ecosystem refer to any living component and their interactions. Abiotic component refer to any non living component in the ecosystem. 5 Biotic components can be; . producers green plants . herbivores(goat,cow,zebra), . predators (carnivores)like leopard,lions . par ( Full Answer )

Are clouds biotic or abiotic?

Biotic=Living Abiotic=Not Living Clouds are a form of evaporated water, and water is abiotic, so therefore, clouds are abiotic.

Name the biotic and abiotic factors of a salt water ecosystem?

Abiotic factors scientifically are the nonliving things in, and that effect an ecosystem. With that definition, the abiotic factors of every ecosystem are: sunlight, water, soil, temperature and oxygen Biotic factors are anything that is living in an ecosystem. plants, animals and humans make ( Full Answer )

Is grass abiotic or biotic?

Grass is Biotic (living)......Because its like a plant, it uses oxygen and also water to grow and live......Without water or oxygen it would die off...... and i like, like, like a dumb blonde girl who just understood this simple science, like.

Is water abiotic or biotic?

Abiotic. Abiotic. Water is abiotic because it is not a living factor of the environment

What are the Abiotic and Biotic Features of an Australian Ecosystem?

What kind of gronk asks these types of questions. I have to spend 29 hours a day writing the wrong answers and then I get an question like this. Firstly I hate school. Secondly to all those people studying features of the environment give up.m

Is water biotic or abiotic?

Water is abiotic because it is neither a living organism or an organic material created by a living organism. Examples of abiotic materials are: air, metals, crystals, rocks, etc.

Biotic and abiotic factors of pond ecosystem?

Non-living things like air, water, sunlight, rocks, current, pollution, etc ________________________________________________________________________ The biotic parts are the Fish, the plants, the alge, etc. The abiotic parts are the soil, the rocks, etc.

What are some abiotic and biotic factors that affect ecosystems?

\n. \nWell, if the ecosystem loses something abiotic, then nothing serious will happen to the ecosystem, but on the other hand if they lose something biotic, say....a plant. Some of the animals that live there will have no food and the animals that eat those animals won't have food cuz those animal ( Full Answer )

What are the abiotic and biotic in ocean ecosystem?

Biotic - living. Abiotic - non-living. (in short). Biotic - all marine animals and plants- dolphins, fish, stingrays, starfish, shellfish, shrimps, seaweed, seagrasses, phytoplankton, zooplankton, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, nudibranchs, cunjevoi, coral, sea sponges etc. (the list is endless). A ( Full Answer )

What are the biotic and abiotic factors in the giraffes ecosystem?

ABIOTIC FACTORS: water, temperature, climate, rocks, etc. (basically anything that is not living and the giraffe is around on a daily basis) BIOTIC FACTORS: lions, hyenas, leopards, trees, shrubs, etc. (also, anything that IS living and the giraffe is around on a daily basis)

Abiotic parts of ecosystem?

A biotic = Non-living. Non-living factors of ecosystem are soil, wind, sunlight etc. Both living and non-living components of any ecosystem constitutes a biome.

What are the biotic and abiotic factors in a cave ecosystem?

Abiotic - rock (often limestone a.k.a kast), sand, stalagmites, stalactites and any man made features that may be in there. Biotic - bats (most common), spiders and small insects, theres a possibility there will be fish (only in some caves though) Hope this helped.

How do abiotic and biotic factors interact in an ecosystem?

Abiotic and biotic factors interact directly in an ecosystem tokeep it alive. This is the interaction of living things and nonliving things with a good example being organisms using water whichis essential to life but has no life.

Is a bird nest considered biotic or abiotic?

I would say a nest would be biotic because it was a leaving plant then it died. ----stupid answer just dont say nothing!!" i know that a nest is abiotic because is a non living thing!!

What abiotic and biotic factors are in an urban ecosystem?

Abiotic factors in a urban ecosysten: soil, water, air, climate, and topography.. Biotic factors in a urban ecosysten: plants, animals, humans and other forms of life. . In an urban ecosystem, humans influence ecological factors (plants, air, soil, animals), AND human decisions (where and how t ( Full Answer )

What are the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the ecosystem of the red panda?

The biotic factors (derived from living organisms) that can affect the ecosystem of Red Panda are for example bamboo because they cannot live without eating it, as it gives them their nutrition and health supplement to live. Some animals can also be a biotic factor to the Red Panda, as they can be p ( Full Answer )

Describe three interactions between biotic and abiotic parts of the Arches National Park ecosystem?

Although Arches may appear harsh and unchanging, the desertecosystem is continually evolving. Weather, climatic shifts andgeologic processes continue to shape this environment as they havefor millennia. More recently, human-caused factors such as air, noise and waterpollution, as well as introduced ( Full Answer )

How do abiotic and biotic factors relate in an ecosystem?

Biotic means living. Ecosystems has 3 components theProducers,Consumers, and the Decomposers. The consumers is the onewho consumes what the producers produce, one example of Consumersis humans and they are biotic (living). Biotic is like a Consumersbecause Consumers are living organisms, one example ( Full Answer )

Why is air not a biotic factor in an ecosystem?

air is not a biotic factor cause it does not breath and it is not a living thing cause it does not eat and does not have any kids or any life so there fore it can not be a biotic factor trust me my teacher said the same thing before a test and i got it rite.

What are some biotic and abiotic factors of the Caribbean sea ecosystem?

Abiotic factors in an ecosystem are all of the non-livingthings, such as rocks, air, weather, water, sand, etc. In theCaribbean Sea, the temperature is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, andit has less salt than the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature iscurrently above average which is becoming a threat to th ( Full Answer )

Is an alligator abiotic or biotic?

Alligators are living so they are biotic. All living things are biotic. Non-living things such as sunlight and water are abiotic.

Does an ecosystem include biotic or abiotic components?

yes . the definition of ecosystem is- ecosystem is type of environment that contains all biotic such as - plants, animals, microbes, humans ect. ,and abiotic factors such as - climate, sun, water, soil ect.

How do biotic and abiotic factors affect the ecosystem?

Abiotic factors refer to the non-living things in the ecosystem - the sunlight, rain, wind, snow fall, temperature. Biotic factors refer to the living things in the ecosystem - animals, plants, bacteria, fungi. An example of how abiotic factors affect the biotic community Deserts The c ( Full Answer )

How is nitrogen from the atmosphere the abiotic part of the ecosystem converted into the biotic part of the ecosystem in organisms?

Conversion of Nitrogen gas into Nitrates\Ammonia. - When Lightning strikes the nitrogen in air get converted into Nitrogen Oxides and then is brought down by rain in from of Soluble Nitrates.These Nitrates are the soluble form of nitrogen for plants. Though lightning play a minor role in nitrogen ( Full Answer )

Are abiotic important to an ecosystem and biotic factors?

Abiotic factors which involve all the living things in an ecosystemand the abiotic factors(all the non-living factors of theecosystem) are important to an ecosystem because of theirinterdependence that favors existence of each other.