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metric is better because i am a metric student

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Q: Which one is good o level or metric in Pakistan?
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How do you convert measurements from one level of the metric system to another level of the metric system?

Multiply or divide by a power of 10.

What people do after they graduated from metric in Pakistan?

Most of the People Search for Job and other one get Admission in Master.

What is thae rank of maju university in Pakistan?

Number one in Pakistan on the TOP of all Top Universities very good future

Where can one purchase a metric wrench?

One can purchase a metric wrench from all good DIY and tool stores, such as B&Q. Alternatively, one can purchase this product from webpage stores such as Amazon or Ebay.

What are the main industries in Pakistan?

the main industries in Pakistan is actually not anything because they have allot of good things they do and also they are good as cricket just like India is good at cricket but which one is better ? its up to u

How do you write one half in metric?

0.5 is one half in metric

How do you convert metric to English?

Metric IS English.

What is hp level of blood?

a good one.

How many tonns are one metric tonn?

A metric tonne is one tonne.

Is Pakistan a good place to live?

Yes I think that Pakistan is a very good place to live because the weather is mostly warm all year. People say that Pakistan is bad place to visit or to live there but I have been to Pakistan for 2 months it was one of the best experience of my life. I would do anything to go there again. All of the politics on Pakistan is all fake about how there is bombs everyday that is all not true. All on all Pakistan is a very good place to live or visit.

How many is 1 metric ton?

1 metric ton is one metric ton - exactly.

What you a metric unit of volume?

I not a metric unit of anything! A litre is one metric unit for volume.

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