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the main industries in Pakistan is actually not anything because they have allot of good things they do and also they are good as cricket just like India is good at cricket but which one is better ? its up to u

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Q: What are the main industries in Pakistan?
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What are main industries in Pakistan?

textile industryoil industrycotton industrycement industrysugar industryetc

How many industries Pakistan has today?


What are the major industries of Pakistan?

Textile Industry is the main Industry. Other prominent industries include mining, construction, and Fuel extraction industry. Telecommunication and IT industry is also in boom in Pakistan.

What were the main communist policies implemended by zulfikar ali bhutto?

All Major heavy mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering industries were immediately nationalised by Bhutto, and all of the industries came under direct control of government, one of main reason why Pakistan's economy is in such a terrible place.

What are the main industries of Indiana?

The main industries are agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation and service industries.

What the meketing strategies should be adopted for the development and maintance of small industries estates in Pakistan?

What the meketing strategies should be adopted for the development and maintance of small industries estates in pakistan?

Name the main deserts in Pakistan?

cholistan is the main desert in Pakistan

How has terrorism affect on export of Pakistan?

Terrorism worldwide has not affected the trade with Pakistan much. However the terrorism in Pakistan has led to higher overheads for a lot of industries in unaffected pars of Pakistan as well. Industries and other economic activities in FATA and NWFP have taken a severe beating. This has led to a drop in exports from Pakistan.

What would happen if there is no energy in industries of Pakistan?

margaya ab to ...

What are major industries in Pakistan?

They dont have any because its CRAPPY

Which industries in Pakistan use water as the raw material?

Agriculture, steel, jucie, clean water supplying industries.

What are the main industries in Guyana?

The main industries in Guyana are Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Mining.