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"Respectful to his teacher" is correct.

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Q: Which one is grammatically correct respectful with teacher or respctful to his teacher?
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Is it grammatically correct to say 'As I am working as a teacher'?

No, you can say 1.Working as a teacher 2.As I work as a teacher

Is this grammatically correct - she told that situation to her teacher?

She explained the situation to her teather. She explained that situation to her teacher.

Is the sentence Teacher asked Nicole and you to bring the books a grammatically correct sentence?

Yes, it is grammatically correct. However, my preference is to say "The teacher" rather than using only "Teacher", which uses "Teacher" the way you would use a proper name, like "James". So I would say, "The teacher asked Nicole and you to bring the books." It is also correct to say, "The teacher asked you and Nicole to bring the books."

Does he a teacher .Is this sentence right or wrong and why?

this is grammatically incorrect: 'does he a teacher' is stating that he 'does' a teacher. there is no such usage in correct English other than that of slang, and would imply a sexual connotation.

Which one is correct - teacher knowledge - teacher's knowledge?

Depends upon the context of the sentence it is used in.

'Either the teacher or the students is to blame for the fire' - is this sentence grammatically correct?

Either the teacher or the students ARE to blame for the fire.It would be 'is' if 'students' was in the singular in the sentence (student).

How many times can the word THAT be used sequentially in a sentence?

8 times. I already told you that: that that "that" (that "that" that that teacher used) was grammatically correct.

Which one is grammatically correct- are you calling in a doctor or are you calling a doctor?

i think that either one is ok, im asking my English teacher at school that one!

I am a high school teacher Yesterday one student fainted She was out for about 10 minutes I called an ambulance when the emts arrived one said you had a faker you want to know you can?

If you are a high school teacher, you should be able to write a grammatically correct complete sentence, which the above one, is not!

How do you become a good class representative when the class is noisy?

be quiet and respectful of your teacher

What is the five finger rule for pervs?

to be respectful to your teacher and not brake the rules

How do you translate the word 'you' in spanish?

Tu-youor usted-to be respectful like for a teacher or adult