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hematite and wolframite..


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What is the process for making steel?

steel is made from iron ores. they melt down the ores purify them and you have steel.

Where in Maplestory can you get a steel plate?

Steel plates are made by going to npcs in towns, which make armor, and ask them to refine ores or jewels. 10 Steel ores make a Steel plate, 10 jade ores make a jade, etc...

Does steel have an ore?

yes steel does have ores but they are rather hard to find.

Why are ores mined?

Ores are mined for various reasons as they contain various minerals in them. They are they main sources or lead and iron.

What are the various methods of concentrating ores?

They are Froth floatation, Gravity separation Hydraulic ores and Electrolytic Refining.

Inventor of a steel-making process?

Henry Bessemer invented one style, but it ran into trouble in the international adoption, for it had troubles dealing with high phosphorous ores.

How did rust belt get its name?

To iron ores mining and steel manufacturing.

What can ores do?

they can be refined into more well known building materials such as Steel and Aluminium

What is a mineral called if it is considered valuable and can be made into something such as steel?

It called ores

Where are metals extracted from?

Metals are extracted from various ores that are mined from underground.

Is iron ore the only ingredient in steel?

to make a steel bar u need 1 iron ore and 2 coal ores

What do the ores of magnets consist of?

The ores of magnets consist of various elements and substances. The main components are iron ore, lodestone, magnetite and much more.

Where do you mine Steel Ore in RuneScape?

You do not mine steel ore. Steel ore does not even exist! You may have thought that because of a steel bar. Well, to get a steel bar, you have to use one iron ore and two coal ores.

What two ores make steel?

Steel is composed of Carbon and Iron. However other elements are sometimes added such as Manganese, Chromium, Vanadium and Tungsten.

What natural resource is metal made of?

Metals come from various ores, which are generally mined.

What is a mineral that can be made into steel?

Various iron ores are used (e.g. magnetite, hematite, goethite, limonite, siderite) to start with. That is mixed with limestone and coke in a blast furnace to make cast iron. The cast iron is then put in a Basic Oxygen Process furnace to burn off the excess carbon and you get carbon steel. There are other slightly different processes that can be used and various other alloying elements can be added to get a steel with specific desired properties.

Which ores contain metals used in making coins?

chalcopyrite,gold,and silver

Where does metal ore come from?

From various minerals and ores which are mined. Which metal depends on which mineral is mined.

Is metal manmade?

Yes, metal (all kinds) have been processed from natural ores to form the finished metals.

What are the various resources from which the Nordic nations derive their wealth?

fish, oil, gas, ores, forests, and farmland

Do rocks have steel in it?

No. Steel is a manufactured alloy of iron, carbon and other elements depending on the requirements. Rocks are natural mineral formations. Some of which are ores from which we obtain certain useful substances such as iron

What is a mineral called it if it is considered valuable and can be made into something such as steel?

Minerals that are considered valuable and can be made into something such as steel are called ores. Iron ore often exists alongside coal beds.

Why is steel cheaper than titanium?

Titanium is more rare than iron; also is more difficult to prepare titanium from ores.

How do you use minerals ores and fossil fuels in life?

They are used in making your car go vroom vroom.

What is the mineral ore for steel?

Steel is an alloy consisting mostly of iron, with a carbon content between 0.2% and 2.1% by weight.Carbon is the most 'cost effective' (highest 'added value') alloying material for iron, but various other alloying elements are used, such as nickel, manganese, chromium in RVS, tungsten in HSS steel, and some others.So you'll have to look for some more mineral ores, but carbon is not a mineral.

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