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Kidneys are part of the excretory system.

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it belongs to the excretory system because it takes out wastes from the body

The kidney is part of the urinary system, which consists of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra.

A kidney is part of the urinary system. An organ system is not part of a kidney. Organ systems are made up of different organs performing a body function.

The kidneys are organs. They belong to the excretory (organ) system.

Yes the kidney is the main organ in the urinary system as well as the bladder.

Renal is a word that refers to the kidney. Anything that is renal (renal artery, for example) is found with the kidney. And the kidney is part of the excretory system that eliminates waste from your body via the blood stream.

It is part of the genitourinary system

it is part of the urinary system

the kidney belongs to the osmo-regulation and the excreatory system.

The main organ in the excretory system is the kidney. The kidney is the main organ that controls the excretory systems for vertebrates. It is also part of the Urinary system which is part of the excretory system.

that is why kidney is the major excretory organ because without this organ we can't live for boys and kidney has to many important function to our urinary system.

The kidney's function is to filter blood that contains wastes collected from other cells in the body. This is the main organ in the urinary system == ==

The skin is actually an organ system called the integumentary system. Like all organ systems, it contains more than one organ.

The digestive system contains the liver.

Kidney is an important organ of excretory system. The kidney is bean shaped and dark red in color.

The eye contains the Retina

Kidney is an organ of our body. The Kidney is an important Excretory organ in the body which helps in separating waste matter from the blood stream and purifies blood by helping in passing of urine.

the kidneys are in the exocratory system

Any organ in particular? If not the kidney is one, the use is a filter system for our bodies

Because an organism is a being which contains organs and an organ system is a system of organs.

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