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Which oxygen sensors for the 1996 ford thunderbird do i buy before or after the cat converter?


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2008-11-08 01:38:29
2008-11-08 01:38:29

This vehicle will have two oxygen sensors. One is by the exhaust manifold (driver's side) and the other is near the oil drain plug (passenger side)- near the other exhaust manifold. Make sure you disconnect the negative battery cable BEFORE replacing the sensors. Otherwise the check engine light will not reset if it's been coming on. Answer There are 3 O2 Sensors on the Ford Thunderbird you have 3 Cat converters but the 2 mentoned before are the ones i would buy first most of the time you dont need to replace the back.


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There are 2 oxygen sensors. One before the catalyltic converter and one after the catalyltic converter.

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It has two oxygen sensors. One before and one in the side of the catalytic converter.

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There is one and it is before the catalytic converter.

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