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Saliva (salivary glands) and the pancreas both contain the enzyme (amylase) that breaks starches down into simple sugars.

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Q: Which part of the body contains enzymes that breaks down starch into simple sugar?
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What enzyme breaks down starch into sugars which are than broken down by the other three enzymes?

starch can be broken down into simple sugars by the enzyme amylase

What are the enzymes found in saliva that break down starch is called?

Amylase breaks down starch into sugars.

Saliva contains an enzyme that breaks down?


What enzyme breaks starch down into sugar?

Bile and Amylase are the two enzymes that break down starch into sugars.

What part of the body contains enzymes that break down into simple sugar?

The salivary glands of the mouth (oral cavity) contains salivary amylases that break down starch and glycogen.

What is broken down by saliva?

Saliva contains enzymes; in particular salivary amylase. Salivary amylase breaks down starch down in to simple sugars. More precisely, polysaccharides into maltose (a disaccharide). Saliva also starts the process of fat digestion; as it contains salivary lipases also. Enjoy!

Do saliva work to break down starch into proteins?

It breaks it down and turns it into sugars, and that is why, if you chew starchy foods for long enough, they start to get sweeter.

What organ breaks down starch in the diet?

enzymes break down starch, they are found in your mouth, stomach, gut etc.

What substances does the enzymes in saliva change starch into?

it contains enzymes which break the starch down to sugar

What enzymes are needed for pasta?

Amylase breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars. Pasta is a form of starch and the breakdown of starch begins in the mouth.

What breaks down starches in food?

Little molecules called 'enzymes'. or sugar

Does the liver secrete amylase?

no, amylase in found in the mouth in saliva, it breaks down starch.