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Lower back

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Q: Which part of the body would you have hurt if you sprained the muscle at the back of your lower leg?
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Related questions

What would cause pain in the right lower side and back?

Muscle spazms

Where is the largest muscle in the body located at?

The bulkiest would be the glutenous maximus. the main "butt" muscle. the largest surface area would be the latimus Dosi "lower back" muscle .

Why does your lower back swell to the size of a large hand you have bulging at L5-S1?

It is likely NOT a true "swelling" (such as the swelling around a sprained ankle). Instead, you probably have an area of muscle spasms. Muscles can feel "swollen" and hard when a person has a back injury. Let your doctor examine the area and ask if there is an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxer that might help you.

What is the back muscle?

There is a lower back muscle called the latissimus dorsi and your deltoids and trapezius make up your upper back. The deltoids are on your shoulder and your trapezius is the muscle on the back of your neck.

What does a Dull ache on right side mean?

If you have back pain on the right side of your back, you may have sprained or pulled a muscle. It could also be the area around your kidneys that is sore.

What is the large paired superficial muscle of the lower back?

the gluteus maximusLatissimus dorsiThe Latissimus Dorsi is the most superficial muscle of the lower backlatissimus dorsi

Why have I got twinges in my lower back?

There are a few reasons why you might have twinges in your lower back. You could have a pulled muscle.

Why does my lower back hurt when I extend my leg fully straight?

Your lower back might hurt when you extend your leg fully straight because you have a bruised muscle. You could also have pulled the muscle.

What is the muscle on the back of your lower leg?

The Gastrocnemius forms the majority of what is commonly called the 'calf muscle'.

What causes sharp spasms on left side lower back?

Sharp spasms on the lower left side of the back is caused by overuse of a muscle, injury, or a possible tear. The sharp pain is a muscle spasm.

What is the broad muscle that covers the lower back?

latissimus dorsi

What is the location of the gastrocnemius muscle?

The gastrocnemius is located at the back of the lower leg. It is the muscle that makes up the calf.

What is the medical term meaning calf muscle?

The gastrocnemius is the large, rounded muscle in the back of the lower leg.

What organs can cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain is often caused by muscle strain or damage to the lumbar spinal cord.

Is the Gluteus maximus muscle in your lower back?

It is the big muscle that is commonly referred to as the butt. It is your built in seat cushion.

Is scoliosis worse than a sprained back?

Yes because sprained backs heal scoliosis can be permanent

What can do for pulled muscle lower back?

Avoid using it until it heals.

Can core muscle strength increase lower back pain?


What causes lower back pains?

Muscle spasms go to a dr

I'm having lower back pain what can cause that?

Many things can cause lower back pain such as a pulled muscle or even a kidney infection.

Why when i play basketball my lower back starts to hurt?

Basketball is a sport that exercises your lower back a lot, and normally an exercised muscle becomes sore after a while.

What does it mean if your lower back hurts when you sneeze?

You could have strained or pulled a muscle.

What causes Lower back pain on the left hand side?

A strained or pulled muscle, you may also have sciatica, a trip to the chiropracter would be a good idea.

What causes lower right back and lower right pelvic pain?

it is usually muscle fatigue or a non-aligned spine.

If you have a twitch on the left lower back what is it?

If you have a twitch on the left lower back, it might be a muscle spasm or even a pinched nerve. This could also be related to vertebral damage or back spasms in the muscles.

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