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AT&T is an excellent phone service provider for business. Verizon is also very good. If you have a small business you could even try a VoIP solution.

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Q: Which phone service provider would be the best for my business?
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How do you change the phone number on your business?

You would need to contact your service provider - and ask them for a new number.

What is the difference between a business service provider and an application service provider?

A business service provider offers services to a government or business entity. A landscape service or security guard service for an office building would be examples of a business service provider. An application service provider offers software solutions like credit card processing systems or human resource management software.

Do you cancel your current phone provider?

Contact you service provider and tell them you would like to deactivate/delete your account.

Where can one buy a hosted phone system?

In order to buy a hosted phone system, one would have to find a service provider who offers this service. They can be purchased from the service provider who will also charge for the monthly bill.

Can a blackberry phone with one service provider be used with sim of another service provider?

No it can't you would have to get a sim card on the service provider you've got for example virgin or vodafone or o2 ext

What is pin 1 on mobile phone?

It varies for all phones, you would have to check with the mobile phone service provider

What is the Internet business?

Truly it would be selling Internet service as an ISP (internet Service Provider) or WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). If you mean an Internet Business such as having a website where you are selling a product and/or someone else's product that is also an Internet business where you may or may not be selling Internet service.

Where do you get mindless behaviors phone backgrond?

You would need a court order and then contact their service provider.

Would an apple i phone bought in US work in UK?

It should. I would recommend asking your service provider.

Does each cell phone number have its own frequency?

The frequency of the phone would depend on the model and the carrier or service provider it runs on. It would not depend on the phone number.

Can I get broadband services through any phone service provider?

Most home phone service providers today do offer broadband or dsl service for their customers. A good idea would be to ask for packages that would included home phone, internet and cable service.

Can you use the same sim card to activate a phone with a different service provider?

With a different service provide you would have to get your mobile unlocked.

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