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Which planets are most similar to Earth?


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Venus and Mars are the planets most similar to earth.

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The earth is similar to other planets because of itsshapecompositionmaterial

it is a planet and it has a similar shape like the rest of the planets.

Mars is the most similar as it has the closest climate, though it's still much colder.

They are called the terrestrial planets because they are similar to Earth (in fact one of them is Earth.

It's atmosphere is similar like ours on earth

They are both terrestrial planets.

The terrestrial planets are rocky planets that have properties similar to that of the Earth. Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all of the terrestrial planets.

In our solar system, the inner four planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are referred to as rocky, or terrestrial ("Earth-like"). Outside the solar system it is estimated as many as 40 billion planets in our galaxy alone would be similar to Earth.

Earth and Mars are similar in few ways. First, Earth and Mars are rocky based planets. They have similar gravity and an atmosphere.

If by gas you mean an atmosphere, there are no planets with an atmosphere anywhere similar to Earth.

Astronomers have found Earth-sized planets in other solar systems.

Inner planets are rock with minerals similar to those on Earth

Both Jovian planets and Terrestrial planets share a similar amount of characteristics. For example, Jovian planets are gaseous, large and farthest from the sun. While Terrestrial planets are rocky, dense, closest to the sun and small (in comparison to Jovian planets). The two planets with the most similarities are Venus and Earth hence them being called "sister planets" due to to their similar masses.

Mars is very similar to Earth. Mars' year and day are very similar to Earth compared to other planets.

There are two known planet to be similar to planet earth. The planets are located in other galaxies and about 1200 light years away fro earth. The names of the planets are Kepler 62e and Kepler 62f. Both of the planets have oceans, their own star, and seem to have the qualities to support life like earth.

It is the next planet further out from the sun after earth. Detail from of its surface can be viewed from earth. It is the most similar to earth in various ways than other planets in the solar system (note the word similar).

Yes, Earth is the most massive of the four inner planets.

No planets are similar but there is a moon. Titan, one of Jupiter's moons, is very similar to Earth.

The most densest planets are Earth and Mercury

Jupiter and Neptune are the most similar in temperature.

Mars is the only planet that has four similar seasons to Earth's.

All inner planets are made of rock. (Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury)

It's similar in size, mass and composition. It is also a similar distance from the sun and both are classed as rocky inner planets (terrestrial planets).

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