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Saturn because it is called "Lord of Rings" because it has the largest amount of rings and Jupiter has the least amount of rings.

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Q: Which plant has more rings Saturn or Jupiter?
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Does Jupiter have more rings than Saturn?

Saturn has more rings than Jupiter.

How many more rings does Saturn have then Jupiter?

Jupiter doesn't have any rings, and Saturn has 2 rings.

How many more rings does Saturn have than Jupiter?

50 more rings

How many more rings does Saturn have from Jupiter?


Which planets has rings but is not as famous as Saturn?

All of the gaseous planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have rings. Saturn's rings are just more prominent.

Which has more rings Jupiter or Saturn?

Saturn has the largest rings. Also if you could make a tub big enough Saturn could float in it

What planet has rings and at least 18 moons?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have rings. All of these except Neptune have more than 18 known moons.

Which planet had 23 moons and rings?

Jupiter and Saturn both have more than 23 moons and they both have rings, although Saturn's rings are the most prominent.

How is Saturn diffrent from Jupiter?

Saturn has massive rings where Jupiter's rings are much smaller. Saturn is also much smaller in size than Jupiter. Saturn is also farther away from the Sun than Jupiter. Saturn also has a different color to it than Jupiter does. Jupiter has the distinguishing feature of a large read storm while Saturn is more plain and uniform in appearance; a sort of yellow, brown mixture.

Does Saturn have more rings than Jupiter?

Yes, Saturn has many more rings than Jupiter. Jupiter only has 4 rings. Saturn's rings, however, have not bee officially counted. There are seven groups of rings. There are four main groups and three fainter groups. Inside every group there is an unknown number of rings orbiting the planet. There are many theories of the number of Saturn's rings, ranging from 30 to under 1,000. It's believed that the rings of Saturn are caused by a moon which lost its icy shell as it orbited the planet, getting closer to it, eventually crashing into Saturn.

Does Jupiter have more satellites than any other planet?

No, Saturn is known to have more moons than Jupiter, though most of these are tiny moonlets orbiting in Saturn's rings.

How did Jupiter get its rings?

It's thought that Jupiter's rings, similar to Saturn's, are the result of rocky debris in orbit around the planet that collides both with other debris and with some of Jupiter's 67 or more moons. Jupiter's rings are much less prominent than Saturn's, and were only discovered in 1979 by the Voyager I space probe.

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