Forensic Science

Which police personnel is trained in specific forensic techniques?


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crime scene investigators


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No, it is not necessarily a prereq1uisite IF that agency hires civilian personnel to do that job.HOWEVER - if the agency you work for only uses law enforcement trained personnel to do that job you will have to become an officer first.

worker trained in what specific craft?

Worker trained in a specific craft

"Craftsmen" are workers trained in a specific craft.

Craftman are what workers trained in a specific craft are called.

That is the correct spelling of "technician" (trained service personnel).

"Craftsman" was what a worker trained in a specific craft called in Egypt.

Yoga certification is a necessity for every instructor. Certification insures that the instructor is properly trained in the techniques specific to his/her style of yoga. They can train without any injury to you.

only trained personnel should operate the simple machine

Forensic scientists need to be trained in both law enforcement and in science. There are specialized degrees such as a criminal justice degree with a specialty in biology or chemistry.

Someone employed to fill that that role who is trained in project management techniques.

He was an MD in France. It seems that he trained in forensic science in Lyon, France.

You can be trained as an EMT. That will teach you the proper fire satety techniques.

It is good to be a Forensic Scientist because they look at finger prints and are trained to provide scientific evidence in court. Forensic Scientists work close to police which mean they are often required to be at a crime scene.They specialise in various areas because of practical skills and knowlege.

Presuming the DO is a fully qualified and accredited surgeon, absolutely. The difference between a DO and an MD is basically the philosophy of how they look at a person's problems. This is a great simplification, but in general an MD looks at a person's illness and treats that specific illness. A DO looks at the same illness and thinks how that illness relates to the entire person's health. Is there a deeper problem somewhere? DO's are also trained in techniques similar to a Chiropractor. They can perform techniques of bone manipulation that MD's are not trained to do.

To become a forensic psychologist you will need a doctoral degree in psychology. You will need to major in counseling or clinical psychology. You will also need to study law. After your education is complete you will need to be trained and have some experience, then you will be able to become board certified.

complete the knowledge portion and the hands-on/local procedures.

Protect youself secure the area call for trained personnel recognize the presence of hazardous materials

Forensic science deals with the traces of evidence left behind by the criminal. This branch of science deals with high tech equipments and special methods and highly trained professionals who track down solid proof enough to prove a criminal guilty of his/her act. There are many schools and universities offering programs in forensic science.

It really depends on what specific field they are trained in :/

That all depends on the specific military you have in mind. Some militaries place more of that responsibility at unit level, whereas others do not. In the US military, the initial responsibility will fall on the instructors who put those personnel through their occupational specialty training. This may be provided by other military personnel, as well as civilians (both DoD employed and contractors). In some instances of the issuance of new equipment, the manufacturer may send technical representatives to instruct military personnel on how to use that specific piece of equipment. Upon reporting to their unit, much of the training will be conducted in an "on-the-job" fashion. The chain of command will be responsible for ensuring that the person in question is sent to the appropriate schools, courses, etc., and the instructors of that school or course will be responsible for ensuring that the personnel they train receive the instruction and are trained within the guidelines established by policy.

Seeing Eye dogs is a brand name from a specific in NJ. Guide Dogs, for the blind are trained all over the country.

CSI is mostly forensic science, so, forensic scientists. Most are highly experienced in crime scene investigation, collection of evidence, and lab testing and results. Some are trained higher in things like chemical analysis.

No. A forensic psychologist and a clinical psychologist are from 2 separate fields. The Forensic doc deals mostly with crimes/criminal behaviors and usually do most of their work for police depts and court systems. A clinical docs deals with the rest of "us" and all our little stresses, quirks and neuroses It is possible for a psychologist to be trained in both fields of study.

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