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Pope Paul VI

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Q: Which pope concluded the second Vatican council?
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Who convened the second Vatican council?

Bl. Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council. He died before it ended, and it was left to his successor Pope Paul VI to reconvene the council and see it concluded.

Which Pope closed the Vatican Council II?

His Holiness, Pope Paul VI closed the Second Vatican Council.

Who was the pope who called the Second Vatican Council?

Pope John XXIII was the pope who called for the Council.

Who was pope at the end of the Second Vatican Council?

Pope Paul VI closed Vatican II.

Who was the pope who convenced Vatican Council 2?

Blessed Pope John XXIII, of happy memory, convened the Second Vatican Council.

Who was the saint for the Second Vatican Council?

As of 30 May 2014 there have been two named saints from the Second Vatican Council. Pope St. John XXIII was the pope that called the Council, and Pope St. John Paul II was a participant in the Council.

What was the Second Vatican Council about?

The Second Vatican Council was an Ecumenical Council called by Blessed Pope John XXIII to "update" the Church in relating to the modern world.

Who called the Vatican Council Second together?

Pope John XXIII

Did Pope John XXIII have an impact on Christianity?

Pope John XXXIII initiated the Second Vatican Council also known as "Vatican II"

Who convoked the council of the Church in 1959?

Pope Blessed John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council.

Does the Pope approve the death penalty in the Vatican City?

There is no death penalty in Vatican City, it being abolished in 1969 by Pope Paul VI after the Second Vatican Council

Who was the pope who convened Vatican Council?

Pope Pius IX convened the First Vatican Council which began in 1868. Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council which began in 1962. Pope Paul VI reconvened the Second Vatican Council in 1963 after it was suspended due to the death of Pope John. Pope John had to close the First Vatican Council before opening the Second Council since the First Council was never officially closed by Pius, it ended abruptly, or temporarily suspended because the Franco-Prussian War broke out and the bishops in attendance wanted to return to their diocese. After Rome was captured, Pope Pius permanently suspended the Council but did not close it officially. Pope John died during the intermission break between the first and second session of the Second Council to which it was suspended. Once Cardinal Giovanni Montini was elected as Pope Paul VI, he reconvened the Second Council and presided over it until its ending in 1965.

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