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which pray was the first pray in Islam and who performed it and where.

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Where Do Islam's Pray?

islam pray in the mosque.

How year old do you have to be when you have to pray in Islam?

A person of any age can pray in Islam as long as they have good intent.

Do Islam pray five times a day?

Islam is a religion, it doesn't pray. Muslims, however, "the people of Islam" are required to pray five times a day. Apart from these prayers, there are also optional prayers.

Where do Islam pray?

everywhere. but especially in mosques.

Who do Islam pray to?

Muslims, Islamic people. pray to Allah, whom they believe is god.

Can you pray with jewelry in Islam?

no you cannot pray with jewellery oviously if you read the hadith you would have known

What is the good tradition of Islam?

Islam tradition is reading quran and pray and do what prophet mohammed (PBUH) did

Why are mahander singh dhoni accept Islam?

because he is a great man and we pray him to accpet Islam

Is Buddah something that Islam pray to?

No. Islam just pray only to God (Allah). Same God; the Creator; worshiped by Jews and Christians. There is no human or any other beeing that Muslims pray to. First pillar of Islam five pillars is to worship God as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence and to witness that Muhammad is His prophet and messenger. refer to question below.

Do Muslim's pray in a mosque?

== Yes, a Mosque is the holy place of worship in Islam. Therefore, Muslims do pray there.

Which religion must pray five times a day?

In Islam the Muslims pray 5 times a day

Where are Islam place of worship?

Muslims can pray or worship anywhere clean, but occasionally, they pray in mosques in congregation.

Why do you pray in Islam?

Muslims pray in Islam because it is one of the 5 pillars to pray. It is also one of the most important things in Islam that help define a Muslim and differentiates them between the other religions. Lastly, Allah ordered us to and the Prophet p.b.u.h. prayed so we follow his example.

What is the church name of Islam?

Islam doesn't have a church. The place where they pray is called a Mosque or Masjid (in Arabic)

Who do Islam people pray to?

Alla is their god. Muhammed is their prophet.

Why is face painting haram in Islam?

no unless you take it when you pray

What are the religious rituals of Islam?

Muslims go to the Mosque to pray and hear mass. They have to pray 5 times a day.

How many times do non religious Muslims pray a day?

In Islam you are not forced to pray... You are asked to pray for your own good. So if you are not religious it is ok... Meaning you don't have to pray at all

A true follower of Islam would be required to pray twice a day?

No,A true follower of Islam would be required, among other duties, to pray five times a day not twice only

Can sunnis and shias pray together?

According to Shia Islam yes.

What city where do Muslims pray five times a day?

Muslims anywhere everywhere are required; by Islam religion; to pray five times a day. They pray facing Mecca

Is it haram in Islam to do all their prayers at once?

It is disliked ..(makrooh) ...Prayers (Salaat) is extremely important and it is a pillar of Islam (islam is based on 5 pillars). Prayer is the first matter muslims will be asked about on Judgment Day. It pleases Allah (God) that we pray on time.

What happened when Muhammad went to the cave to pray Islam?

He received the first verses of Quran from God (Allah in Arabic) through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril).

What are the uses of a church?

A use of a church is to pray and meditate as in Islam there is a mosque.A church is actually a holy place of Christians where they use to pray.

Must pray 5 times a day?

Muslims Or Islam Have to pray 5 times a day according to Quran (Five Pillars)

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