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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat, President 1933-1945) called his package of social programs the new deal.

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Q: Which president promised a new deal?
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What president promised a new deal for Americans in 1933?

FDR won a landslide victory on the strength of The New Deal.

In the square deal what did president Theodore promised?

all of the above- APEX

What was the New Deal by president Roosevelt?

It was just called the New Deal.

What were other names for the New Deal?

The New Deal. That was its name, coined from FDR's inaugural speech where he promised the American people a "new deal". The series of legislator he passed in his first 100 days in office were known as the New Deal.

Who made the new deal?

It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt who made the New deal.

What was second New Deal?

The Second New Deal was the second stage of the New Deal program which was put into place by President Roosevelt.

Which is a common historical view of the New Deal?

President Roosevelt's personality was key to the success of the New Deal.

Was President Roosevelt New deal an example of an active government or laissez-faire?

The New Deal was active government.

What was the new era?

The New Deal Era is a time period referring to President Roosevelt's New Deal. The New Deal was establish to help the United States overcome the Great Depression.

What president gave America the New Deal?

I strongly think president Roosevelt made the New Deal.Hope this helps!

When did the New Deal era begin and end?

it started in 1983 1983-1988 The new deal actual started in 1933. President Roosevelt did the new deal. In 1983 I believe Nixon was president.

Did Harry Truman create the new deal?

No, Harry Truman did not create the New Deal. The New Deal was a series of economic policies and programs implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression in the 1930s. Truman served as Roosevelt's vice president and succeeded him upon his death, but he did not create or implement the New Deal.