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James Monroe, the fifth U.S. president, served as an officer under Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

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Who was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War?

Joseph Brant was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War.

What president served as an officer in a regiment commanded by another future president?

William McKinley served as a lieutenant under Rutherford Hayes during the Civil War. Ulysses Grant served as a 2nd Lieutenant under Zachary Taylor during the Mexican War. James Monroe served as a major under George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Was Ulysses S. Grant president during the civil war?

No, he served as a union officer during the war .

Which American president was a messenger during the revolutionary war?

Andrew Jackson, age 13, served as a mounted orderly and carried messages for the army in the Revolutionary War.

Which president was the last president of the revolutionary era?

The last President who served during the American Revolution was Andrew Jackson. He joined the Continental Army when he was 13 years old.

Which president served during war war 1 and war war 2?

it was harry Truman he was a artillery officer during the first war

What did George Clinton do after the American Revolutionary War?

During the American Revolutionary War, George Clinton served as a brigadier general in the New York militia. After the war, he served six consecutive terms as governor of New York. He also served as vice president under Thomas Jefferson.

Who was a diplomat to france during the revolutionary war?

Benjamin Franklin served as the American ambassador to France during the Revolutionary War.

Who served as president of the Constitutional Convention?

Revolutionary War hero George Washington, a delegate from Virginia, was elected convention president.George Washington served as president of the convention

Who served as the central government during the revolutionary war?

The Second Continental Congress served as the central government during the American Revolutionary War. The congress was created on May 10, 1775.

What was the militlary that James Monroe served in?

Monroe served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

Who was Henry lee?

Henry Lee III was a Virginian politician who served as a military officer during the Revolutionary War. His son was Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate army during the Civil War.

Who served as president during the War of 1812?

who was the president during the war of 1812

What president served from 1801 to 1809?

Thomas Jefferson served as president of the US during these years.

What did John Adams do before he was president?

Adams was a lawyer before he got into the revolution. He served in the Massachusetts Legislature. During the Revolutionary War, served as a diplomat for the continental government, serving in France and the Netherlands. He was the first US vice-president , serving for 8 years under President Washington.

How George Washington served his country in War and Peace?

He was Commander-in-Chief of the revolutionary Continental Army during the War of Independence. He was President of America from 1789-1797

Which president served in both the revolutionary war and the war of 1812?

Andrew Jackson served in both wars, however. He would later become the 7th president of the US.

Did Andrew Jackson have a job during the revolutionary war?

Jackson joined the local militia during the Revolutionary War at age 13. He served as a courier.

What served as the central government during the revolutionary war?

Second Continental Congress!

Served as the commander of the continental army during revolutionary war?

George Washington

What did George Washington contributed to the country?

He served as a leader in the revolutionary war and was our very first president

Which founding father held the role of lead military general during the American Revolutionary War?

Gen George Washington was the 'Founding Father' who also served as the Commanding General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. For a follow-on, Washington next served as America's first president.

What John Adams did to become famous?

Adams attracted attention in Boston as a clever lawyer and became active in the revolutionary movement that preceded the declaration of independence. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a diplomat to France and the Netherlands, helped draw up the treaty that ended the war and served as the first ambassador to Britain. He then came home , served two terms as the first vice-president of the United States and went on the succeed Washington as the president.

Who served in the military during the Spanish American war?

President William McKinley was the President during the Spanish American War. Theodore Roosevelt actually served in the military during the war.

Was George Washington president during the American Revolution?

No. He was the commanding general during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) but was not elected President until 1789. He served as President from 1789 to 1797, and it was not until the term John Adams (the 2nd US President) that the US again went to war, in the Quasi-War with France in 1800.