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The 'Correct' ReligionIsn't Your religion the correct religion? Otherwise why would you believe in it?

Some claim that a specific religion is the right one and all the others are wrong. However, they are in conflict with everyone that believes in any other religion. Another possibility is that perhaps parts of all or some religions are right or partially right and they are just different paths to the same place. Finally perhaps all religions are wrong as there is very little hard evidence for any of them.

Below are some opinions from contributors on the 'correct' religion.

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  • The one which allows you to believe what you choose to believe, but still love your brothers and sisters who may have different views. One which focuses on love, and living your life in a loving way. Religions damage their own credibility by fostering fear and hatred towards those with different views, ideas or lifestyles.
  • I don't know which religion is the correct one- but all I know is one thing- If you're religion harms others or forces others to do things or believe in things that are against what they stand for- it can't be correct. No government, group, or people's should protect a religion that thrive to harm others.
  • It is probably true that no religion is correct. Most will put boundaries around established laws in order to keep their parishioners farther away from the possibility of sin. It's important to note though that true Christianity is not a religion, and those who tell you differently have seen the 'boundaries' that have been created by men who feel they need something more than just a relationship with Christ. True Christianity is a relationship with the living God and nothing more
  • The first thing one should ask is how do you find true religion. Should you use logic or read the bible? After reading many different books on the subject I find the the Holy Bible is the true word of God. I also find that the King James is the best translation of the word of God. You will find in it the passages such as when Paul was in Athens. He came to a area and stood in the midst of the Areopagus and spoke to the people there saying, "Men of Athens,I perceive that in all things you are very religious". You will find this in Acts chapter 17 verse 22. Adding to that you can read in Ephesians chapter 4 verses 4-6 and you will start to find true religion to the one true God. One can also read that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans chapter 10 verse 17.
  • Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me" Jesus says there is no other true religion except through him.
  • The followers of every religion will say that their religion is best. Quite naturally, Christians will say that Christianity is right above all other religions; Muslims will say that Islam is best; Jews will say that Judaism is best; Daoists will say Daoism; and so on. Perhaps what is most important is that, although based on different theology and, sometimes, different gods, all religions teach high moral values. The question may also be seeking to establish which of the many modern religions contains truth about the universe and its supreme being. Unfortunately, that is a matter of faith. There is no available evidence to prove objectively that any religion is true and that other religions are less so.
  • When I was studying maths as part of my degree course more years ago than I care to remember one of my lecturers said to me: 'Maths (or in the US: 'math') is the only science which relies on irrefutable proofs - it is the only thing in the world where you can prove 2 + 2 actually equals 4. Other answers can approximate to 4; some may say that 2+2= 3.5; some may say that 2+2 = 26; some may say that 2+2 = 4.1, and will be closest to the right answer. But the right answer is 4. Some come close, some are miles away, but only one science has hit the nail on the head and produced the correct answer". So too is the world of religion. All religions of the world tell us that they have found 'the truth'. Islam accept Mohammed as their prophet and rely on his teachings to bring us to the truth about God. Those practicing Buddhism rely on their prophet Buddha to enlighten them to the truth. Judaism relies on a host of prophets - Moses, Elijah, Isaiah and so on to reveal God's truth. The list goes on. The only exception is Christianity. The situation with Christianity is that their 'founder' never claimed to be a prophet. He never claimed to lead others to 'the truth' - he actually claimed to BE the Truth and the only true way to God - "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6) So, to the Christian, Christianity has hit the nail on the head with the exact answer of 4. All their religions, though laudable and although they exhibit many truths, all come short - 3.8, 3.9, 4.1 but never 4. This is not arrogance on behalf of the Christian as much as it is not arrogance on behalf of the mathematician who knows irrefutably that 2 + 2 = 4. Of course, history has backed up Jesus' claims; if his claims of divinity were false, as many have been throughout history, then he would have long been forgotten - and his miraculous signs culminating the mighty resurrection, ascension and coming of the Holy Spirit would have been proved to have been fake. Christians who accept Jesus as Saviour do not worship a God revealed through a prophet like Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Moon, Joseph Smith or the like. They worship a God through Jesus - who claimed to be God incarnate. As C S Lewis put it: "I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: 'I'm ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don't accept His claim to be God.' That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic - on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg - or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to." You must make up your own mind: accept or reject. But let us not forget that only one religion, only one person, claimed to be the truth - claimed the '4',
  • An Islamic point of view : The Koran( the Islamic scriptures) says that almost every religion was created by Islam. For instance Christianity was created from Islam because "Jesus" was telling the people about Islam. Before he was crucified Allah ascended him to heaven and took the face of Jesus, so that he was crucified instead, although proclaiming he wasn't Jesus. After the crucifixion, Christianity began.
  • (which is difficult to reconcile with the organization of Islam by Mohammed in the 7th century, after Judaism had existed for several thousand years, and organized Christianity as an offshoot nearly 600 years before Mohammed.)
  • All religions are the creations of men. Absolutely no individual involved in organized religion has a conclusive answer to the question of proving the existence of God! Many religious zealots will venture to market their particular brand of theology in an attempt to create a convincing argument that their dogma contains the only credible proof that the God-Fantasy is true.
  • Religion and politics have always been working together. Religion has been used as a tool to maintain political dominance of the world order. Most of the laws in a country are based on religious fanaticism. Religion was developed mainly around social cultures and traditions; it was mainly a way to influence social behaviors through the use of moral suasion. God was shaped in the image and likeness of the religious and political leaders of each time. People use the words written by other men as proof of their religious theologies but never can they produce physical evidence as proof. Science is also in the words written by men, but the truth of their words can be tested and proven with tangible evidence.
  • Religious fanatics said that the earth was flat and that the Sun and planets orbited the earth, but science proved them wrong. Many scientists of the past and present have faced persecution for challenging the validity of religious dogma.
  • Read the theories of Thomas Aquinas; he is one of the greatest thinkers, writers, and theologians, and wrote the "Five Proofs for God's Existence"
  • It has become oddly apparent that all seem to simply label Christianity as the "only" religion while simultaneously labeling the others as philosophy. The murder of Christ was a terrible sin committed by mankind; the courage of Christ is the inspiration to mankind "To stand up for what is right no matter what the consequences." Christ is a hero but not the only Saviour. I believe in God way too much to think that he only sent One messenger. I believe that one of the most successful contributors (next to Christ) had the name of Siddhartha (Buddha). Read his words and look at his works : he is an Asian Christ and this makes me believe in the potency of god: No Barriers, No Preferences, His hand delivers fortune and tragedy evenly to all irrespective of how good or bad the person or situation, just read your Bibles. I know, I read mine as well as other holy writings. Additionally the modern church was set in order by a Roman emperor to stem the effects of a real Christian uprising. The emperor oversaw the teachings and rituals. Ever wonder where the x-mas tree came from? Paganism. Not Christ. All religions have the potential to be right, we all just want to be right. Its ok, we're all human
  • How about considering... What is the correct and perfect anything? Hamburger for example? Each of us will look differently at ultimately the same thing - nourishment. Imagine a vegetarian, who wants tofu. Now how to know the incorrect religion... ask God. If your religion sanctions murder, political agendas, indecent acts (those cults out there), alienation, war, or other ills to humankind, it is not a good one. If your religion brings you to higher levels and a closer relationship to God, peace, and spirituality.... that's one of the "Right ones".
  • If you are to blindly believe some of the various commercially peddled and politically engineered religions of the world, then you may be confined to the dogma that you were created by an autocratic and egocentric master to serve his every whim and fancy as an obedient slave.
  • Understanding of the faith itself, or of the scriptures of that faith. If we presume for the moment that there is a God which has revealed itself to humans, we must remember that humans are fallible, and record or report things incorrectly. Therefore, no person can have correctly described God, or even if they did, the next people to pass on that message did not do so without error. To think otherwise puts man above God. Therefore, if there is a God, then no religion has correctly described it, so we should all just agree to be good to each other. A God who did not want us to do so would not be worth worshiping. Religion is not what's important - it's whether or not you have accepted Christ as your savior that's important. Religion is not going to mean anything when you pass from this life into eternity, but salvation is everything.
  • First you need to understand what the word 'religion' is. The Bible in the book of James Ch 1 & V-27 will tell you what "pure religion" is and therefore help you see what the correct religion should be.
  • The multitude of religions exist show that no one single religion is the correct one. No religion should claim itself to be the only true religion while marking all others as misled and wrong. It is highly suggested a person study all religions- current and past- before deciding which one they believe to be the best path to live for themselves. Children should be taught to study all beliefs, then derive what they believe is best, and not be raised strictly under one religion.
  • The correct religion is the one that you believe to be most fitting. The correct religion is the one that does not condone slavery, oppression/victimization, chauvinism, injustice and terrorism. The correct religion is the one that enriches the lives of the majority and not just a selected few in political and religious office. The correct religion is the one that demonstrates peace, love, harmony, righteousness and compassion, in every single assertion of their scriptures and in every act of their leaders. The correct religion is the one that preserves life and nature. The correct religion is the one that abhors all acts of greed, envy and selfishness. It is also the one that fills you with spirituality, righteousness and piety. It is the one that makes you a living instrument of divinity, which you shall freely share with all of humanity.
  • I personally feel that there are a great many paths that lead to the same place. If you are comfortable with your beliefs, and harm no one else, then you are probably on the right path. Choosing a religion is not something about which you should consult anonymous people on the internet. Talk to people you trust. Check out the doctrines of different religions and read their texts. Talk to clergy and worshipers, if possible, of any religion you are interested in. Any religion that does not allow you to question its precepts cannot have a great deal of validity.
  • If you are seeking for a religion, I think you ought to choose the one that makes you feel better. People need religion to feel good, to feel safe, to feel secure and loved, protected by a God.
  • Try looking for a church that has the same organization that Christ set up during His ministry. One with Apostles, Prophets, Seers and Revelators. A church which is guided by the Holy Spirit and not by man. A church where every position in that church is filled by its members, called by revelation. Ordained and set apart to that very calling by those having the authority of the Holy Priesthood. Look for a church which believes in continued revelation from a God, who in His wisdom sees the necessity for it, so that the changes made to the churches organization, and not the doctrine, can be adapted to changing times. Look for a church which believes in baptism by immersion and not sprinkling, for one must come forth from the grave so to speak a clean and repentant being. Look for a church which allows its member a casting vote to sustain or reject those so called to positions within the church. If you find such a church, pray that it is the right church, and may God grant to the desires of your heart. As James says "If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God......."
  • It depends what you think makes a religion "right" -- adherents of various different religious traditions each believe in the rightness of their own faith, but even within a faith it is almost impossible to find two people who have exactly the same understand
  • the most logical one with all the answers, the truth is out there. Look for it with an open heart.
  • All religions contribute to life on Earth : some parts are right and some wrong.
  • The only true church is one directly instituted by Christ not by a human being.
There is only one religion that is correct, Islam. Being a Muslim is the best thing you in your life. You were born to worship Allah, OUR ONLY GOD. My job actually is making people Muslims, making YOU a Muslim.

There are some things you should know after knowing that there is only ONE GOD who made the stars and the universe. He made the animals and plants. He organized your body this way not that. Wanna know these things?

You see this Bible that is not a real one the real does not exist now. there is only ONE real religion book, The Holy Quran. In the Quran there are verses that Allah wrote, real verses.

There is more that one religion. Most people know The Islamic Religion and the Christian Religion. I don't say Christians are bad people but they MUST be Muslims to be sure you are going to Heaven.

There is no such thing as a correct or wrong, good or bad religion. Every person has their own religion, and no religion is better than any other. All of them are equal, and anyone can choose to believe in any religion they want to.

I will tell you one thing, there is a correct answer in Christianity! Catholicism, Catholics hold the honor of having the first church of Christ. They don't take the bible literally and are changing with the times. This is a great time to be a Catholic!!!!

Another Answer:

Those who are serious about religion should think that the one they've chosen is acceptable to God and Jesus. Otherwise, why would they be involved in it?

Jesus Christ didn't agree with the view that there are many religions, many roads, all leading to salvation. Rather, he said: "Narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are the ones finding it." (Matthew 7:14). The true religion that is approved by God should be teaching and following what the Bible teaches. IE: not worshipping idols, knowing the identity of a soul, knowing who really rules the earth, knowing what happens to us at death, knowing about the resurrection etc..

Another answer by PPMSJohn:

The correct religion would depend on using your power of reason. The first question you must ask is "Does God exist?" The next question is "Which God is it?" The last question would be "How does God want me to worship him?" Those are the logical questions one would have to consider to answer your original question.


If you believe there is a god - you will have to ask him and listen for an answer. For example - in the Bible there are such recommendations, like the Epistle of James, chapter 1, verses 5-7 give some recommendations on that.

If there is no god, then it is up to you to determine which religion best aids you in becoming the best person you can be.

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I'm not sure that Wikianswers is the right venue for your question in the manner in which it's presently worded. Each religion will, of course, point to their own view of the Divine.
Rather, you might want to post the question reworded specifically, in every one of the subcategories of religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, etc., and read the answers posted by those who are knowledgeable in each of them, to at least get a picture of what each religion says for itself.

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Q: Which religion is the correct religion?
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