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fertile sediments in flood plains and deltas

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Q: Which resources were no longer quickly renewed because of the hydroelectric dams?
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Does hydroelectric power have any nonrenewable resources?

No, assuming rain goes on falling the water required will always be renewed every year

How is hydroelectric power renewed?

find it out for ur self gosh

What are some examples are renewable resources?

Renewable resources are things that can be renewed, or made during a lifetime. This includes things like water, soil, air, forests and animals. However, the term is usually used to refer to energy resources. Examples- Wind, solar power, hydroelectric power and biomass from plants and animals are all renewable energy resources. Whereas coal, oil and gas are non renewable because they will eventually run out.

What do you call a resource that people can use again and again and its supply can be replaced?

Renewable resources. Because they can be RENEWED.

What important resources need to be conserved?

Non-renewable resources are the most important resources to be conserved because if once they are exhausted they cannot be renewed or may take a millions of years to form.

Which of these is not an example of natural resources?

which of these natural resources is not being renewed

What resources cannot be renewed?


Which process are freshwater resources renewed?

The water cycle

Resources that can be renewed faster then they are used?

Are few and far between.

What is the process by which the earths water resources are renewed?

Water cycle

Why is soil classified as a renewable resource?

because soil is made up of dead materials it is being renewed by dead and broken down resources.

How can hydroelectric be renewed?

Hydro power uses the potential energy of water stored at high altittude, and the water is renewed by rainfall after the Sun's heat evaporates the ocean, forming clouds that travel over the mountains and release their water.